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Attack on Titan Voice Actor Dies: Cast Pays Tribute After Tragic Death

Attack on Titan

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An Attack on Titan voice actor has died, and the cast is paying tribute to him following his tragic death. Billy Kametz, who played the iconic role of Nicolo, has passed away at the young age of 35. 

Billy Kametz Died of Colon Cancer

Billy Kametz played the role of Nicolo in the English dub of Attack on Titan. He was also well known for playing the role of Shin, one of the lead characters in the dystopian anime Eighty-Six. Kametz had to step down from his role in the last two episodes of Eighty-Six due to his illness. 

On April 26, 2022, Kametz revealed publicly for the first time that he was retiring from voice acting due to stage 4 colon cancer. 

The beloved actor said he had the best actors and still planned to fight the diagnosis. 

He died less than two months later on June 9, according to his obituary. He leaves behind his sister, Nikki, brother-in-law, Greg, nephews, uncles, aunt, and girlfriend Erica. 

“Anyone who has met Billy will tell you he is one of the most sincere, humble and loving people they have ever met. His infectious personality and smile always lit up a room with so much joy and happiness,” the obituary shared. “His love for his family, friends and girlfriend was always most important to him and that love will carry on forever.” 

Kametz’ role as Nicolo on Attack on Titan was unparalleled. The grief he portrayed in Season 4 Part 2 moved many viewers to tears. It’s not known if he was supposed to voice any additional scenes in Season 4 Part 3. 

The Cast of Attack on Titan Is Paying Tribute to Him

Matthew Mercer, who portrays Levi on Attack on Titan’s English dub, was friends with Kametz and has been sharing his condolences and heartache on Twitter. 

On the day of Kametz’s death, he tweeted: 

He also asked his followers not to forget to tell their loved ones that they love them. 

In a thread dedicated to Kametz’s work, Mercer wrote, “This was when I first met Billy as well. He was so kind and excitably warm that he stuck in my mind. When we finally had the chance to spend some quality time together, I discovered just how wonderful, uplifting, and optimistic he is. Soooo very thankful to call him friend. <3.” 

Mike McFarland, who voices Jean in the English dub, tweeted a candle for Kametz. 

He also replied to Mercer and wrote, “I’m so very sorry.” 

Clifford Chapin, who voices Conny in the English dub, also tweeted a candle for Kametz. 

Adam McArthur, who voices Thomas Wagner in the Attack on Titan OVA, tweeted, “What an incredibly kind and generous soul he was. Sending love to the family and friends of Billy. You’ll be missed immensely, buddy. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. ❤️.”

You Can Donate to Support Kametz’s Family

You can help Billy Kametz’s family financially if you are able by clicking on this link. The GoFundMe was originally designed to help pay for Kametz’s treatment. It is now going to help support his family cover his funeral expenses. The GoFundMe will be closed on June 14. 

Jinnie McManus, one of the organizers for the fund, wrote on June 11: “I am going to close this GFM formally on Tuesday, June 14, to allow for final thoughts and donations. Anything contributed that wasn’t already used for Billy’s treatments will go toward his celebration of life and funeral. The family would equally love contributions to the Colon Cancer Coalition in Billy’s honor if you prefer that.” 

You can contribute to the Colon Cancer Coalition here.

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