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Will Attack on Titan Season 4 Have Two Parts? Here’s the Evidence

Will Attack on Titan Season 4 Have Two Parts

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We’re rapidly approaching the 16 episodes expected in Season 4, and most Attack on Titan fans have one big question on their minds. Will there be a Part 2? Is Season 4 (the final season) going to have a second part that extends it beyond 16 episodes?

The information out there is a little mixed as far as what’s going to happen. There’s no official word yet, but don’t give up hope yet either.

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MARCH 28 UPDATE: The show IS returning! See all the details in our NEW story here

The Manga Doesn’t End Until April, so 16 Episodes in the Anime Won’t Get Us to the End

We know for certain that 16 episodes were ordered, which leaves us with just three episodes left in Season 4 after March 7. We also know that the Season 4 Blu-ray release will consist of 16 episodes on 2 discs. But that doesn’t mean there won’t necessarily be even more episodes at some point after the first 16.

One key reason that fans think there will be a second part is because the manga itself doesn’t even end until April 9. The manga is concluding on April 9 in the May issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, with the final volume shipping on June 9, Anime News Network reported. This means the anime would end before the manga, which makes no sense.

The Anime Producers Said They Plan to Adapt the Entire Manga

The true reason we have hope is because of what the producers themselves have said. The producers of the Attack on Titan anime have said that they plan to adapt the manga all the way to the end, CBR reported, and won’t conclude just halfway through. This was announced back in October 2020. Anime producers Kensuke Tateishi, Toshihiro Maeda and Tetsuya Kinoshita said that Hajime Isayama’s store will be produced all the way to its end.

The news was originally reported by Anime News Network on October 12, 2020, and translated into English. It referenced an interview on Newtype with the producers for the November 2020 edition, when the producers talked about changing from WIT studio to MAPPA for the final season. Here’s a direct quote from Anime News Network’s story:

The producers also stressed that, for the sake of all the fans who have supported the series, they are determined to adapt the manga all the way until the end instead of concluding midway through. Kinoshita said that he has felt obliged to adapt the entirety of the manga ever since seeing the reaction to season 1 episode 13, where the Eren Titan seals the wall.

On top of this,  sound director Masafumi Mima shared a photo of his desk on Twitter, where he showed that he was working on Attack on Titan, Micky reported. The photo showed “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1,” among other things. Of note, it looked like a microphone was covering “part 1.”

When Could a Second Part Be Released?

On Reddit, some readers have speculated that if there is a Part 2, it likely won’t come out until about six to nine months after Episode 16.

Since all AoT seasons in the past three years have come out 3 months later than expected, we should by statistical likelihood expect the break for Season 4 Part 2 not to be 6 months, but 9 months from ShingekiNoKyojin

Others think we won’t see Part 2 until Fall 2022, if it does happen.


But another Redditor shared a happier idea, which I’m going to hold on to just to be hopeful:

The manga is currently on Chapter 138, and the anime might end with Episode 16 at Chapter 116. That will leave a lot of ground to still cover in a future anime, so here’s holding out hope that the evidence pointing to a Part 2 is proven right.

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