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Attack on Titan Is Returning! ‘Winter 2022’ Might Be Sooner Than You Think

Attack on Titan is returning!

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Attack on Titan is returning! The exciting news was announced even before the last Attack on Titan subtitled episode aired in the United States. We now know that the series is NOT ending and this is just a season finale that kicks off a long hiatus. But what exactly does Winter 2022 mean? If you’re wondering why it’s taking so long, we have some good news. Fans familiar with the anime schedule in Japan revealed that it might be sooner than you think.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 15, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. For anime-only discussions, join us on Discord or in our AoT Facebook group.  

Attack on Titan Is Returning with Episode 76 in ‘Winter 2022’

The exciting news was announced after Attack on Titan Episode 75’s airing in Japan. We learned that Season 4 Episode 16 won’t be the last. We’re going to get a Season 4 Part 2 starting with Episode 17. (Since this has been billed from the beginning as the “final season,” it likely won’t be labeled as Season 5, but as the second part of Season 4.)

Funimation also reported the exciting news, which was first announced on Japan’s NHK.


This seems like a long time, but anime fans tell us that it might be sooner than we’re thinking.

‘Winter 2022’ Might Include December 2021

We’re going to have a long hiatus because MAPPA needs a lot of time to get the animation right. And I’m hearing that what happens next is going to be pretty amazing. (I haven’t heard any spoilers, just that we’re going to want it all done right.)

The big fear upon seeing “Winter 2022” is that it might mean the END of 2022, which is ages away from March 28, 2021. But anime fans say that in Japan, the anime season actually runs from December -February. Which means that since Attack on Titan Season 4 premiered in December 2020, the second half is likely going to premiere in December 2021 through March 2022.

Here are some examples of people sharing this encouraging information on Reddit:

One person wrote: “Winter anime season always starts in January.”

Another Redditor shared that his wife is Japanese and translated the announcement to read that it’s coming Winter 2021 and spilling into 2022.

Redditor u/SigfridNorman wrote: “Winter in anime seasons is January through March.” So they’re expecting it to drop in January 2022.

So while people are divided on whether it could include December 2021 or not, it looks like we’ll definitely be seeing the second part in less than a year from now.

And by the way, “Episode 76” premiering just means the first episode of Part 2. We’re definitely going to get more than one episode, because there’s a lot of the manga left to produce into the anime. Crunchyroll confirmed this.

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