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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Blu-Rays: When & Where You Can Buy Them

Attack on Titan Season 4 Volume 3 & 4 Blu-Rays (Funimation)

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The Attack on Titan Blu-Rays are always worth investing in, if only to see the interesting changes made between each episode’s premiere and what ultimately ends up in the Blu-Ray. Sometimes these changes can give you insight into deeper meanings in the storyline, and sometimes they’re just great trivia fodder. In addition, the Blu-Rays often have special artwork and other merch inside that can give you more information about the show and its plot. 

Now that we’re already getting closer to Season 4 Part 3, it’s time to start planning for those Season 4 Part 2 Blu-Rays (which are technically labeled Season 4 Volumes 3 & 4.) Here’s everything we know about when the Attack on Titan Season 4 Volume 3 Blu-Ray and Volume 4 Blu-Ray will be released, along with how to get them. 

The Season 4 Volume 3 Blu-Ray Will Be Available in July

A trailer has already been released for the highly anticipated Season 4 Volume 3 Blu-Ray. (Unfortunately, the trailer announcement confused some people, when one big YouTube channel referred to it as a Season 4 Part 3 trailer rather than a Season 4 Volume 3 trailer.)

You can watch the trailer below. 

The Blu-Ray (and the Season 4 Volume 3 DVD) will go on sale in Japan on July 20. 

On this date, however, if the sales approach mirrors what they did for Season 4 Part 2’s Blu-Rays, then only a Japanese version will be available. A version with English subs or dubs will likely be released later. 

If you want to get it, the best way to do so will be through Amazon Japan. You’ll have to go straight to and create an account there (you won’t be able to buy it through your U.S. account.) In fact, an Amazon seller is already taking pre-orders for Volume 3 Blu-Rays and DVDs here. 

Please note that you’ll want to check if they are offering shipping to the U.S. before purchasing. 

Season 4 Volume 4 Will Be Available in August

We also have a date for when the Season 4 Volume 4 Blu-Ray & DVD will be available (aka the second half of Season 4 Part 2.) Thanks to a post on Attack on Titan’s official website, the English translation reveals that Volume 4 will go on sale on August 17. 

There is no pre-order link yet. That will likely be added after Volume 3 is available for purchase. 

The Blu-Ray & DVD Will Have Special Content

According to an English-translated version of the Amazon listing, Volume 3’s special content will include a 268-page booklet with select content and staff interviews, a priority application ticket for Part 1 of Attack on Titan’s special event in November, “one character design Tomohiro Kishi,” a “non-credit OP video,” and more. Pony Canyon is distributing the DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Volume 4 DVD/Blu-Ray will include a priority application ticket for Part 2 of Attack on Titan’s special November event. 

So far, the listing doesn’t include photos of what will be inside. Those will likely be added as we get closer to the Blu-Ray’s release. However, a beautiful cover photo has already been revealed for the new Blu-Ray and DVD volume. 

Attack on Titan Blu-Ray Cover (Pony Canyon)
Attack on Titan Blu-Ray Cover (Pony Canyon)

This artwork is absolutely stunning.

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