The 2021 Independent Audiobook Award in the Apocalyptica Category Goes to…

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The Independent Audiobook Awards held their 2021 ceremony recently with awards presented in several categories and genres. Beginning in 2018, the annual event honors the best in independent audiobook production with performance, content and overall listening experience determining the winners.

Included in the award categories is our favorite genre, Apocalyptica.  Among the slate of 2021 apocalyptica finalists were books described as Mad Max meets the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as military SF action, and an expansion of a much-loved zombie franchise.

Here’s the full list of finalists:

And without further ado… The winner of the 2021 Independent Audiobook Award in the Apocalyptica category goes to…

No More Heroes: An Adrian’s Undead Diary Novel: Lockey vs the Apocalypse, Book 1

No More Heroes, written by Carl Meadows and narrated by Danielle Cohen, is set in the world of Chris Philbrook’s best-selling zombie apocalypse, Adrian’s Undead Diary and introduces Erin Locke – Lockey to her friends – as she survives alone as society collapses with shocking speed after the zombie outbreak.

With her trademark snarky sense of humor, goofy insights, and can-do attitude, she chronicles her early adventures in a journal to keep her spirits high and sanity intact, until she befriends retired Royal Marine veteran Nate Carter, and the unlikely duo find themselves a place they can call home.

Congratulations to Carl and Danielle for their achievement.  The now award-winning audiobook is available on

For the full list of the 2021 award winners in all categories, visit the Independent Audiobook Awards Facebook page.

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