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Attack on Titan S4E28 Preview: Looking Ahead to Episode 87, ‘Dawn of Humanity’

Attack on Titan Episode 87

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Attack on Titan‘s newest episode just released. The next episode, “Dawn of Humanity,” has such an intriguing title that we can only imagine it’s going to blow our minds with more Titan lore. Here are all the details we have so far on Season 4 Episode 28 (aka Episode 87) including the preview trailer.

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This Attack on Titan article will have spoilers for the newest episode, but the article is manga-spoiler-free. Check out our review and analysis of this week’s episode, “Retrospective,” here.

Watch the Preview Trailer for Attack on Titan Episode 87 Below

Here’s the trailer for Episode 87, along with the English subtitles.

The official preview trailer tells us: “What he saw that day. What they talked about that day… What they chose to do that day… It was all that he wanted. Next time: The Dawn of Humanity.” 

Hulu’s official subtitle is a little different, though highly similar. It’s a little more revealing in some ways, however.

It reads, “The things seen that day… The things they talked about… The choices made that day… Everything had been willed by him. Next episode: The Dawn of Humanity.” 

This difference is due to the fact that fans often make an English subtitled version after an episode releases in Japan, posting that version on pirating sites, before the official subtitled version releases on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. It’s best to wait for the official version, which releases a few hours after the unofficial versions, since the subtitles tend to be of better quality. 

Interestingly, the official website’s description is different from both of them (using the official Google Translate version.) It reads: “What I saw that day. What we talked about that day. What I chose that day. That’s all he wanted. He hasn’t changed anything.” 

Season 4 Episode 28 Details & Photos

Unfortunately, the show was pretty stingy this week about revealing anything about the new episode in terms of photos and scenes that were shown in the trailer. 

In fact, everything shown in the preview was from Eren’s infamous meeting with his brother Zeke. 


We don’t even see Zeke, just Eren. 


The focus on the baseball is so interesting. Personally, I’ve always wondered if Eren perhaps caught a lot of Zeke’s memories from touching a baseball that he touched. Even if that’s not the case, there has to be some twist on the baseball exchange moment, since the show has focused on it so much. 


Is the preview claiming that Eren wanted all of Zeke’s decisions to happen as they did too? 


It seems that way. There’s still a lot about the Attack Titan that we don’t understand. And the Founding Titan too for that matter. But even the Founding, limited by its vow against war, hasn’t been omniscient. It didn’t know the Attack Titan could peek into the future via the memories of its future inheritors. And as we learned later, its the future inheritors who get to choose which memories to reveal to their previous hosts and which to hold back. 

Crunchyroll released its own trailer for the finale, which doesn’t give away anything but is fun to watch. 

So it looks like the next episode is going to delve a lot more into the lore, and I can’t wait to see what we learn next. 

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