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Attack on Titan Map of the World: See Details from the Manga, Anime & More

Attack on Titan map of the world

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During Episode 86 of Attack on Titan, another map of the world was shared, leaving fans wondering more about the intricate backstory that we’ve only seen a glimpse of so far. Here’s a look at all the Attack on Titan maps that we’ve seen, what has been revealed so far, along with details from other sources and fan theories. 

This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers except for one map that was included in the manga and not the anime. The article does have spoilers through Episode 86 in the anime. 

Photos of the Map Shown in Episode 86

The maps are shown while Magath, Hange, Lady Azumabito, Jean, and others are discussing how they can possibly give the Hizuru engineers time to fix the flying boat so it can take off, before Jaegerists are able to stop them. They end up devising a plan to take a faster boat and leave Paradis and do the repairs on a port in the mainland. 

But this all has to be done fast, before Eren’s Rumbling can reach them. We’re told that his Rumbling has already reached the continent itself and that Liberio will be destroyed in less than half-a-day, which is how long it will take the engineers to fix the boat. 

Here’s a look at the map as its shown in a closeup during the anime. You can see Paradis just off the coast of the continent that includes Marley. 


Hange then points out that the Rumbling itself will destroy the entire continent in four days. But I’m assuming the planet consists of more than just one continent. All they’re talking about, however, is the continent that Marley is on. 


Lady Azumabito ultimately decides (and the others agree) that it’s best to travel to that port off the mainland. So she traces a path from Paradis to that port, which you can see in the screenshots below. 


This all opens up a lot of interesting questions about the map of the world in Attack on Titan.

Reiner’s Paradis Map

Here’s a screenshot of the Paradis map from Reiner’s discussion earlier in Season 4. 

Reiner Paradis map

According to manga readers, a full map of the world was shown at this point in the manga, but it was cut from the episode. 

Attack on Titan’s World Map Is Very Similar to the Real World Map 

Attack on Titan’s map is very similar to the real world map. With a few deviations, it’s basically our world turned upside down, with some mirror imaging too. According to an interesting article here, there are numerous instances when we can actually see the sun rising in the west and setting in the east, including when Conny is taking Falco to his mother. We can see the sun setting as Conny asks Falco why they’re still going north, which clearly indicates the sun setting in the east. 

In a January 2017 manga issue, Hajime Isayama even said, “I created that world to be like a mirror image of the world we live in.” 

Others have pointed out that it’s quite clear the Attack on Titan map is just the world map upside down. Just look at Australia turned upside down in the image below, as compared to the the map we just saw today. This next image is from an Attack on Titan Reddit discussion here. Some parts are hypothetical, based on what we’ve been told. 

Paradis is basically Madagascar, but the map is turned upside down.

Below is a map that was shared in the manga equivalent of Season 4 Episode 2. It was cut for some reason in the anime, but it mirrors the map we saw in S4E27 nicely. 

Attack on Titan map (manga)
Attack on Titan map (manga)

You can see that this part of the world map we’re able to see lines up nicely with what we saw in the most recent episode. 

Below is a theorized map that was created where a fan came up with ideas for where things from Attack on Titan would be in an upside-down real-world map. This is a good jumping-off point to give you a basic idea of how things might work, but it’s not canon. Much of it lines up with the map shown above from the manga, but they theorize a lot about countries’ dividing lines and such. 

AoT Map
AoT Map (Reddit/Bobthealien13)

The source of the map above is the Reddit post by Bobthealien13

Even though the map above isn’t really accurate, it helps give us an idea of just how much of the world is missing from our storyline. There is a lot more land in Attack on Titan’s world than we know anything about. 

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