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Did Floch Live or Die on Attack on Titan Episode 86?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27 review

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A big battle ensued during Episode 86 (Season 4 Episode 27) of Attack on Titan, and there were numerous casualties. But was Floch one of them? Did he live or die? Here’s what we know so far.

This Attack on Titan article has spoilers for the episode but is manga-spoiler-free. Check out our review and analysis of Episode 86 here

Floch Appeared to Die in the Episode


Floch truly believed that he was the last chance to save Paradis, as he watched his Jaegerist comrades killed while they fought Jean, Mikasa, Conny, Magath, Reiner and Annie. Then when the train full of reinforcements was blown up, Floch believed that Hange’s side was going to succeed in stealing the flying boat and taking it to the mainland before he could have a chance to blow it up.

While Hange’s side is fighting to stop the Rumbling and save lives they’ve never met all across the world, Floch believes this will lead to the destruction of Paradis. And he may be right, but only because of Eren’s actions. Eren took down all three walls, leaving Paradis defenseless if the Rumbling doesn’t work.

Floch believes he is singlehandedly going to free Paradis, as he aims to shoot a thunderspear into the boat and blow it up. But Gabbi once again uses her amazing sharpshooter skills to take him down before he can succeed, and his shot misses its target.


How many people has Gabbi taken out at this point with just her sniper skills? There was Sasha and the man who was the last one to get back on the blimp in Liberio. She took out Nile’s Titan before he could eat Kaya. And she also shot off Eren’s head, which started a domino effect that led to him launching the Rumbling.


And now she’s taken out Floch too.

We can see him getting hit by her bullet and then tumbling into the sea, while he’s clearly bleeding.

We Don’t See Floch’s Dead Body


As some fans have pointed out, we never see Floch’s dead body. We simply see him disappear into the ocean after being shot.

So technically, this could mean that he’s still alive. Unless you see a dead body, you should never assume when it comes to this show.

Manga readers no doubt know, but this is a manga-free zone, so we can only share speculation from fans and anime-only viewers.

Even on Reddit, fans are debating about whether Floch is truly dead.

One fan, u/bensor714, wrote, “This episode’s animation was so good, as well as the CGI. And Floch finally died. 10/10.”

But then mellow_meltdown replied with what many of us are thinking: “Did he actually though? We saw him get injured and then fall into the water, so that leaves room for him to still be alive.”

It seems unlikely that he will come back this close to the end, but stranger things have certainly happened on this series.

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