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Attack On Titan’s Eren Jaeger & Friends Now on Fortnite

Attack on Titan Fortnite

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We here at PostApocalyptic Media can’t get enough of Attack on Titan! So when I heard about it collaborating with Fortnite, my inner gamer was ready to get the new battle pass, without question. Here’s what is included in this new update.

Attack on Titan Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann Join Eren Jaeger

ODM Gear and Thunder Spears have both made their way to the Island in the latest version of Fortnite Battle Royale (v24.20). A really cool aspect of this is also the Jaeger Family Basement in Anvil Square. Players will be able to visit this location and relive some of their favorite (albeit traumatizing probably) memories. 

The Eren Jaeger Outfit is now a reward for completing certain quests in the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass. Nevertheless, Eren isn’t the only member of the “Special Operations Squad”: the outfits worn by Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann are now available in the Item Store and can be purchased right now!

Eren Jaeger Fortnite Attack on titan
Fortnite: Eren Jaeger

If you don’t already have the Battle Pass, you can still earn the Courageous Mikasa Spray and the Scowling Levi Emoticon by completing the first of the upcoming Trigger Happy Trials and completing the upcoming Week 5 Quest that tests your skills with the Thunder Spear. Both of these quests are coming soon. It is important to remember that in order for the Trigger Happy Trials to become accessible, you will first need to finish the Treasure Hunting Trials and the Process of Elimination Trials that came before them. So good luck, and have fun!

New Fortnite Back Bling Available

Of course, a new update wouldn’t be complete with cool back bling! Here is what is available for you to obtain in this new release.

The Captain Levi Costume comes along with a back bling called the Transformation Serum Back Bling.

Captain Levi Fortnite Attack on titan
Fornite: Captain Levi

The Mikasa Ackermann Costume comes along with the very potent and one-of-a-kind Ore Light Back Bling, which can only be found on Paradise Island.

Mikasa Fortnite Attack on titan
Fortnite: Mikasa Back Bling

When you have made the purchase of the Regiment Cloak Back Bling from the Store, you may then choose an emblem from your Locker to wear on the back of your cloak. Each badge is associated with one of the following armies and regiments: Garrison, Military Police, Cadet Corps, and Scout.

Back Bling Fortnite Attack on Titan
Fornite: Regiment cloaks back bling

People are really excited about this new update, and it’s no surprise! Both AoT and Fortnite titles are really popular, and the game mechanics included in this new update will probably make you feel like you’re in the Attack on Titan world, yourself. It’s almost a match made in heaven! I really don’t mind breaking my piggy bank for this one, to be honest.

More Updates

This new version comes with a few new bug fixes and balance changes. To read more about them, head on over to the official Fortnite website.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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