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Attack on Titan Dub Delayed: Toonami & Crunchyroll Updates


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Unfortunately, the premiere date for the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 English dub (Episode 88) looks like it’s been delayed. Based on the timing of when previous dubs aired, it should have premiered this past weekend on April 7 at the latest. But dub recordings for the first of two hour-long episodes started later than expected. Here are the latest updates about when you can expect the dub to finally air. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: To see updated details on the time the dub is releasing in September 2023, see our new story here.

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Some Voice Actors Just Started Recording for the Dub on March 20

It’s taken longer to record the dub than many loyal Attack on Titans fans had expected — including us. 

Jessica Calvello, who voices Hange in the English dub, wrote on Twitter on March 20: “Started recording for the final season of Attack on Titan today. Could not stop crying.”

Unfortunately, this means that the dub was not going to be released as soon as hoped, with dub recordings still going on less than a month ago. 

Once the dub is released, Crunchyroll will add it to their Attack on Titan dub page here. But it’s not out yet. 

And with no one talking (similar to how quiet everyone was about the sub’s streaming release), it’s unclear exactly when we can expect it. 

Toonami Always Gets the Dub First

A meeting of the crew
Attack on Titan’s dub (MAPPA)

Toonami always airs the English dubs for Attack on Titan on Saturday nights (or Sundays at 12:30 a.m. Eastern), and then Crunchyroll streams the dubs later on Sunday evening. So that means the next earliest possible date for the dub to release (as of the time of this article’s publication) would be Saturday, April 15 late at night on Toonami/early in the morning on Sunday, April 16. 

Toonami’s current schedule does not have Attack on Titan listed for April 15. This doesn’t mean that it might not drop in unexpectedly, but it seems unlikely at this point. 

Post Apocalyptic Media reached out to Toonami about the premiere date and did not get a response. 

We also reached out to Crunchyroll and were told that they don’t have any information for us at this time. 

It’s worth noting that Crunchyroll did change the image for its Attack on Titan dub page to match the Final Chapters cover on the sub, so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

Where to Watch the Dub Once It Airs

Once it finally releases, you can watch the English dub in several places. 

Clicking on the Attack on Titan link on Toonami takes you to Adult Swim’s page here, where the dub will eventually appear (after it airs on TV on Toonami.)

Crunchyroll will post the dub to their Attack on Titan dub page here. You can go here to sign up for a free trial if you don’t have an account yet. 

Hulu won’t get the dub until much later. According to Hulu’s March 2023 press schedule, they didn’t even get the dub for Season 3 Part 2 until March 28, 2023, more than a year after the dubs started dropping on Crunchyroll. So don’t be checking Hulu for updates about the dub. They’ll be late to the party. 

Here’s hoping the dub releases on April 15, but it could certainly be later than that. 

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