The Suburban Dead



The Suburban Dead is a unique series in post-apocalyptic fiction, inspired by the mythology of the zombie genre, and the original monsters themselves. Perhaps rightly, the undead featured in the series reminded one reviewer of those in Dungeons & Dragons.

Set in a fictional, modern world, the story takes place in the Voison Republic, a blending of European and American cultures. The Republic is beset from within by a deadly virus, a fever which takes the living, and transforms them into walking corpses – or worse. With the collapse of the government, no standing armies, and mercenary forces seemingly overwhelmed, the people of the Republic must rely on each other to survive.

If you want worldbuilding in your post-apocalyptic settings, if you want to go somewhere new, get to know the characters and their trauma, then the Suburban Dead might be the right bit of escapism for you.

*About the Authour*
Alex lives in Sheffield, in the north of England, with an adopted cat, and several bookcases. When not at work in the public healthcare sector, she can usually be found doing some form of gaming, being an SJW (social justice wizard), and avoiding their commitment to write more novels by any means necessary.


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