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Another Monkey Uprising – This Time in Japan

Snow Monkey

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Back in December, we told you about a rampaging troop of monkeys that terrorized a town in India as revenge for an earlier incident against the monkeys. Now a city in Japan is experiencing a similar horror, and it’s pretty terrifying.

The citizens of Yamaguchi, Japan are facing calculated attacks from a group of monkeys that are targeting the very young and very old. According to reports, the monkeys are biting and clawing at flesh, but they’re not interested in the food set in traps.

“They are so smart, and they tend to sneak up and attack from behind, often grabbing at your legs,” city official Masato Saito said Wednesday. They’re even invading nurseries, specifically targeting children.

These primates are usually very docile monkeys that are found bathing peacefully in hot springs around the region. They’re called Japanese macaque or “snow monkeys” and they’ve never been a problem before. So why now? No one knows.

“I have never seen anything like this my entire life,” Saito said.

So what do you do if you face one of these furry little nightmares? Saito says that there’s a protocol to follow to assure safety: “Do not look them in the eye, make yourself look as big as possible, such as by spreading open your coat, then back away as quietly as possible without making sudden moves.”

One of these snow monkeys was caught on Tuesday, weighing 15 lbs and measuring 1.6 feet in height. Officials were able to subdue the male with a tranquilizer gun after it was identified as one of the attackers. The animal was put to death, but attacks didn’t stop.

One woman claimed that she was attacked while hanging laundry and another was bitten on the toes. Almost 60 people in Yamaguchi have reportedly been attacked since July 8.

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