Real Life Planet of the Apes: Monkeys in India Go on Murderous Revenge Massacre Against Dogs

Planet of the Apes

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Animals have killed each other since the beginning of time, but one particularly strange incident in India last week shows that calculated revenge plots are a thing in the animal kingdom. We warn you that this is some disturbing news.

Troops of rampaging monkeys in India’s Maharashtra’s Beed district have killed over 250 dogs by throwing them off of the tops of trees and buildings.

The small village of Lavool, which lies about 300 miles east of Mumbai, is feeling the brunt of the attacks.

These calculated killings started when a baby monkey was killed by a pack of dogs in that same area. Villagers believe that the uprising of the monkeys is in direct retaliation for that baby monkey’s murder.

But now that all of the village’s monkeys are gone, the monkeys have even started attacking small children. According to India’s News 18, “Monkeys have killed almost all the pups in the village and now, villagers say that there are hardly any pups left in their village. But monkeys have not stopped. Troops have started targeting small kids. School-going kids are being attacked by the monkeys and this has created panic among the villagers.”

You might remember the popular Planet of the Apes series of movies that originated from the 1963 Pierre Boulle book La Planète des singes. The intellectual property soon gained a movie in 1968, starring Charleton Heston in one of his most iconic roles of all time. From there, we got 8 more movies, a series of books, comics, toys, and much more.

While the original plot for the 1968 Planet of the Apes film showed a much more advanced ape-like society (including Rod Serling’s rewrite of the book’s ending, complete with the Statue of Liberty’s head in the sand of a futuristic Earth), future films explored the concept of origins that included rampaging troops of monkeys destroying humanity, as we see in the video above.

So I guess this gives us yet another possibility for an end-of-the-world scenario that mimics a post-apocalyptic movie.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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