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Anime Japan 2022 Had 3 Major Attack on Titan Announcements

Attack on Titan at Anime Japan 2022

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Anime Japan 2022 hosted its Attack on Titan panel late at night in U.S. time zones, so you might have missed all the major announcements that came out of it. Did they announce a movie or a Season 4 Part 3? There were three major announcements made during the event, and unfortunately none of them clarified what is happening after the Season 4 Part 2 finale next week. Here’s what happened at the event. 

The Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates Were Announced


On Twitter, KikaRodz shared the above image, and revealed that one of the major announcements was the Blu-ray and DVD release date. Volume 1 is going to be released on July 20 and Volume 2 will be released on August 17. 

To some this may seem like a minor deal, but the information that sometimes comes out of these releases is fascinating. As we reported last July, quite a few changes were made to the Blu-ray the slightly altered the look of the anime itself. One of these was changing Eren’s pale eyes (which many anime viewers questioned) to glowing green when he was in his Titan form. The Thunderspears’ flames were also changed from yellow to blue, which more closely matches the iceburst stone color. 

The Panel Announced Season 4 Part 2’s Final Episode Date


The panel confirmed that Season 4 Part 2’s final episode (Episode 87) is airing on April 3 (not this Sunday) and is called “The Dawn of Humanity.” (Or in Spanish, as @KikaRodz shared, “Al Amanecer de la Humanidad.”) 

We actually already knew this was going to happen, but were hoping for a Season 4 Part 3 or movie announcement too. The panel did not announce anything about what will happen after Episode 87 airs.

The Panel Announced the OADs Will Be Released on Blu-Ray


On Twitter, KikaRodz shared the above image, which was displayed when the panel revealed that eight episodes of the OAD archive are going to be released on Blu-ray on April 27, 2022. It’s going to be fascinating to see if any changes are made between the anime and the Blu-Ray release.


Eight episodes are going to be included in the OAD archive release. As we previously reported, these OADs are currently already available to stream online with English subtitles. 

You can watch them on Funimation here (note that this is an affiliate referral link), and I hear they may be available on Crunchyroll also. The OADs explore Levi’s background (which is really worth the watch), Annie’s background, and more. Here’s a look at the OVAs in the collection: 

  • OVA 3.25: Ilse’s Notebook (Perhaps the most fascinating of all the OVAs, followed by Levi’s story. This one is about a notebook that briefly showed up in the main storyline, and gives an interesting look at a Titan that we hadn’t seen before.)
  • OVA 0.5a: No Regrets Part 1 (Both “No Regrets” stories provide Levi’s backstory and how he met Erwin. These are great for better understanding Levi’s motivations.)
  • OVA 0.5b: No Regrets Part 2
  • OVA 16.5a: Lost Girls: Wall Sina, Goodbye Part 1 (These two OVAs provide a story about Annie investigating a missing persons case, along with a bit about her backstory.)
  • OVA 16.5B: Lost Girls: Wall Sina, Goodbye Part 2
  • OVA: Lost Girls: Lost in the Cruel World (Mikasa imagines an alternate version to her life)
  • There’s also a “Sudden Visitor” OVA that is non-canonical and made just for fun. 
  • Distress: This OVA is about what happens when Christa is taken hostage during a training exercise and the team must learn to work together. 

The Voice Actors Chatted About Their Experiences

The rest of the panel consisted of the voice actors chatting about their experiences. 

Here are some clips and tidbits shared online so far. 

One person commented, “Isayama really wants us to suffer until the very last moment. ・゚・(。>д<。)・゚・ There was no announcement in today’s event. Still they were all great and I loved watching the stream!”

Here’s a group photo from the event. 

More cute moments. 

More photos from the panel: 

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