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Animated Version of Night of the Living Dead Coming This Fall

Night of the Animated Dead

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George Romero had no idea that he’d create an entire genre in 1968 with his low-budget cult classic Night of the Living Dead, but here we are over 50 years later staring an animated version right in the eyes.

Night of the Animated Dead is an upcoming adaptation of the original zombie film that was made specifically to capture fans of the new wave of horror animation that is extremely popular right now.

The animated feature is written by original Night of the Living Dead screenplay writer John A. Russo and directed by To Your Last Death’s Jason Axinn. Voice talents include Dulé Hill as Ben, Katee Sackhoff as Judy, Josh Duhamel and Nancy Travis as Harry and Helen Cooper, Katharine Isabelle as Barbara, James Roday Rodriguez as Tom, Jimmi Simpson as Johnny, and Will Sasso as Sheriff McClelland.

The show will follow the original movie’s plot where siblings Barbara and Johnny run into a little problem when they visit their father’s grave in rural Pennsylvania. That trouble, of course, is lumbering zombies everywhere. Barbara escapes to a nearby farmhouse where she joins a group of strangers as they struggle to survive the undead attack.

box artThe Blu-ray and DVD will include the special feature “Making of the Animated Dead” that explores the original movie and how they went about turning it into an animated remake. The behind-the-scenes footage includes scene-by-scene breakdowns and booth recordings of the cast.

Romero, who passed away in 2017, wrote the original script with Russo that set off five more zombie movies that include Dawn of the Dead (1978), Day of the Dead (1985), and Land of the Dead (2005). Day of the Dead is also currently in the works for a remake as well.

Night of the Animated Dead is releasing in digital format on September 21, 2021 while the Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD both release on October 5, 2021.

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