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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of July 29 – August 4

YouTube Round-up

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Happy August, everyone! Only 142 shopping days ’till Christmas!

In this week’s YouTube round-up, we have everything from fake movie trailers to writing advice to a complete movie recap and more! Check it all out below:

Post-Apocalyptic Writing Advice
I would imagine that a large segment of post-apocalyptic fans are also into writing and creating end-of-the-world scenarios for themselves. If you have a project you’re currently working on in the genre, this video from author Dan Hook offers sound advice for planning a post-apocalyptic novel.

I AM LEGEND 2: LAST MAN ON EARTH – Trailer (2022) Concept
What’s this? There’s going to be a sequel to I Am Legend? Well, no, but this expertly crafted trailer shows what we might expect from a teaser if the movie were to come out. The folks at Teaser Pro (who do these types of concept trailers quite often) even made their own music for this video.

The Bad Batch Recapped
If you’ve never seen 2016’s The Bad Batch starring Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey, and Keanu Reeves, this video offers an insightful recap of the entire movie in only 11 minutes. It’s a little weird and very dystopian, but hey, that’s how we like ’em, right?

Let’s play Girls Guns and Zombies
Girls, Guns & Zombies is a shoot-em-up game where you play as girls who hold guns and shoot them at zombies. Yeah, spoiler alert.

Hostile (Full Movie)
Hostile is a pretty intense post-apocalyptic horror flick that I would categorize as “medium budget,” yet it still leaves room to impress. It’s the story of a woman who fights to survive against these creepy undead-like creatures who only come out at night.


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