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Amazon’s Fallout Series Officially Begins Filming: Check Out These Set Photos!

Fallout Series

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Walton Goggins has revealed on his Instagram this week that filming for the Amazon Prime Video series Fallout has officially begun.

“Day 1… FALLOUT… for Amazon,” Goggins subtitled his black and white photo of himself with the word “GHOUL” written on a piece of paper behind him. “Deep breath…. Exhale…”


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While Goggins is never really thought of as a “lead actor,” his roles have always been memorable. Judging by the way Amazon is throwing his name around, it might be safe to assume that Goggins will have a starring role in the show. But given the fact that he’s playing a ghoul, does that mean a ghoul will be the show’s main protagonist? This is something we’ve speculated on before, and I feel like that theory is still on track.

“The Fallout universe is vast with so many opportunities for plotlines and stories (will we get a G.E.C.K? The Wasteland Survival Guide? Will Joshua Graham make an appearance? What about the Institute?),” Tina wrote in her theory piece in February. “And while I had assumed that ghouls would be involved (feral and otherwise), does this casting mean the main character will be played by Goggins?”

In addition to the filming news, a few keen-eyed Fallout fans spotted what appears to be part of the show’s set on Staten Island.

Twitter user TheMachoMando shared photos of an apocalyptic Super-Duper Mart that looked like it was straight out of Fallout 3 or 4. The fan’s shots also include classic 40s and 50s rusted-out vehicles in that famous retro Americana style that we love so much from the games. We also see a few good photos of what looks like crew members working on the exterior sets for the series.

Details are sparse on the Fallout series but we do know that Dune’s Kyle MacLachlan and Yellowjackets’ Ella Purnell will be joining Goggins on the cast.

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