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Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 1: Ending Explained [PHOTOS]

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If you just finished Adventure Time Distant Lands on HBO Max, you may be wondering just what the ending of Episode 1 meant. If you’re a little confused, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Here’s a look at just what that surprise ending meant.

This article will have MAJOR spoilers for the ending of Adventure Time Distant Lands, Episode 1. There are also major spoilers for the Cartoon Network finale of Adventure Time. 

Here’s What That Surprise Ending Means

At the very end of Adventure Time Distant Lands, BMO returns to Earth. The Space Lard who brought him there leaves, and BMO sees the tree house in the distance.


First, the tree house is a surprise because we saw it destroyed in the Adventure Time finale.

Cartoon Network

But an even bigger surprise are Finn and Jake. They look very different, but why?

As it turns out, the BMO episode is a prequel for the Adventure Time series on the Cartoon Network. We don’t know if the rest of the episodes will be the same, but BMO’s adventures took place before he ever met Finn and Jake. We’re seeing very young toddler-aged Finn and Jake characters at the end.


So yes, BMO has been talking to Football for a long time. And BMO was a lot more heroic and advanced than we realized.

We saw what happened to some humans that we didn’t know about. I now have to wonder if the Grass Lard we saw was descended from the Space Lard that brought BMO back to Earth. We even saw some ancestors of Cuber from the Five Graybles!

There’s a lot to unpack about what Adventure Time Distant Lands: BMO was all about and what the episode revealed. But for now, we’ll have to settle with realizing that it was a prequel and consider all the ramifications of what that entails.

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