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Adventure Time Distant Lands: Episode 2 Date, Schedule & More

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If you loved Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 1 as much as we did, then you’re no doubt wondering what’s next. Are there more episodes? When is Episode 2 coming out? What’s happening next? Well, HBO Max doesn’t give us anything to go on when Episode 1 ends. Here’s everything we’ve been able to gather so far.

Episode 2 Releases Sometime in 2020

Distant Lands is a refreshing addition to the Adventure Time series. Episode 1 was about 45 minutes long rather than the usual 15 minutes. And we’ve been promised even more from here. But unfortunately, it’s a pretty big window for when we’re expected to see Episode 2 — any time before the end of 2020.

Episode 1 (BMO) was released on June 25, 2020. So far, we’ve been told that Distant Lands will have three more episodes, for a total of four. Episode 2 is going to be called Obsidian and it’s expected to release sometime this year in 2020, Decider reported. Back in 2019, AV Club also reported that Episode 2 will premiere sometime in 2020.

So that’s about a six-month time period where we might see the new episode. If you were like me, then you were expecting all four to drop at once and were confused when there wasn’t anything else to watch after Episode 1. Well, it’s going to be some time before Episode 2 releases, more than likely.

Distant Lands Will Have Four Episodes Total

We know that the additional episodes are still in the works. Here’s just one tweet sharing that this is the “first” of the specials.

Here’s what we know about the last three episodes, as shared online and in an HBO Max press release.

Episode 2: Obsidian

IMDb’s description reads: “Marceline and Princess Bubblegum journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom, and deep into their tumultuous past, to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe.”

The listed cast members are Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and KS-2.

Episode 3: Wizard City

This episode is supposed to be about Peppermint Butler, taking place after he enrolls in magic school to relearn everything he forgot. The description on Wikipedia reads: “Peppermint Butler starts as an inexperienced student at Wizard School to attempt to relearn magic. When events on the school’s campus lead to suspicion of Pep, due to his past, the question remains whether he can master the magic soon enough to show that he is innocent.”

Episode 4: Together Again

This one will bring back Jake and Finn for a new adventure. The description on Wikipedia reads: “Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are brought together again, where they attempt to rediscover their brotherly bond as they embark on the most important quest of their lives.”

As for Episodes 3 and 4, it’s not yet known when those can be expected to premiere. Newsweek reported that they would likely premiere in 2020 also. But that’s not quite as definitive as Episode 2, which is expected to premiere sometime in the remainder of 2020.

The new series can only be watched on HBO Max. The good news is that if you already have HBO as part of your cable subscription, then you most likely already have access to HBO Max. And if you already were signed up for HBO Now, then you have access to HBO Max then too.

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