$500k in GOLD just for solving a post-apocalyptic puzzle

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Endgame: The Calling

The new “Endgame” post-apocalyptic book by James Frey contains a puzzle. If you solve it, you’ll discover where $500k in solid gold is hidden at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Sound tempting enough? Here’s another benefit — if you solve it but can’t get to Las Vegas, Frey will help you get there!

And there’s even more… The person who solves the puzzle in book two will win $1 million in gold. For the third book – $1.5 million. NOW it’s really tempting! 

The clues for the game are scattered throughout the book along with a lot of other venues: videos, games, and more. Clues are hidden in a MMPORG, which will be released via a Google app in two months. In the game, you get to fight other characters for even more clues. Clues will be scattered in YouTube videos, social media apps, and more. It’s a real-life treasure hunt for real-life money (and really, isn’t gold better than cash?)

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Frey says the alternate reality games for this experience will be deeper than the ARGs he’s done before. It starts with a website: Ancient Societies — 12 civilizations that match 12 lead characters in the Endgame novel. The website’s “run” by one character – Stella. You’ll be able to find puzzles on this site and gameplay that helps you advance in the competition.

Could someone solve the puzzle just from the book alone, before the other clues are even released? I’m sure quite a few people out there are ready to try.

For more information about the website and the story, check out this Verge article:


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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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