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Zombieland 2: See the Parents’ Guide & Ratings

Zombieland parents guide

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Zombieland 2 (officially known as Zombieland: Double Tap) is finally here. But can you bring your kids? Here’s a look at the movie’s parents’ guide and ratings.

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The Movie Is Rated R

In the U.S., the MPAA rating for the movie is R, for bloody violence, language throughout, and some drug and sexual content.

Certifications in other countries are similar. Canada rates it 18A (under 18 if accompanied by an adult), Brazil rates it 16 (not recommended for minors under 16), Denmark rates it 15 (for ages 15 and up), Iceland rates it 16 (not suitable for children under 16), Hong Kong rates it III (for persons 18 and older only), New Zealand rates it R13 (restricted to 13 and older), Russia rates it 18+, Spain rates it 16, Switzerland rates it 16, and the UK rates it 15 (suitable only for 15 and older, no one under 15 allowed.)

Here Is the Parents’ Guide

The Parents’ Guide on IMDb gives more details on why the movie has the rating it does. Some of the notices in the guide are mixed. For example, Sex & Nudity is labeled as “none,” but a couple of people said that cleavage or a bra is shown and two people are shown having sex but nothing can be seen. The guide indicates this category is pretty light.

As for Violence and Gore, that is rated as Severe for gory zombie executions and “exposed and raw body parts.” It’s a zombie movie, so this isn’t hugely surprising. But if you think the gorier parts of Walking Dead might not be appropriate, then this movie likely wouldn’t be either.

Profanity is rated Severe. One person wrote that there were 123 uses of f*** in the movie alone, with other words throughout too.

The Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking category gets a moderate rating for scenes such as one character asking another for weed.

The “Frightening & Intense Scenes” category gets a rating of moderate. It’s not clear why this wouldn’t be higher, considering the violence and gore mentioned earlier.

On Twitter, people are wondering why parents would bring young children to see the movie.

And then there were some unfortunate advertising choices.

What do you think? If you’ve seen the movie, let us know in the comments what age you think is ready to see it.

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