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YouTube Round-up: Tribes of Europa Edition

Tribes of Europa Edition

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Tribes of Europa released on Netflix last Friday and so far the reception has been very positive.

Following the success of Dark, Netflix trusted executive producers Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann for their next project, Tribes of Europa. The six-episode series tells the story of three siblings who set out to change the world in a post-apocalyptic tribal Germany set in the year 2074.

Tribes of Europa was our most anticipated upcoming series for 2021 in our Boomie Awards last December, so we’re excited to see it doing to well with fans of the genre.

With that in mind, I decided to dedicate this week’s YouTube Round-Up to the series as more and more people are beginning to discover it.

Tribes of Europa – Interview with the Cast
Netflix sits down with the cast (virtually) to discuss their favorite parts of making the series. Questions include everything from “How did you prepare for the role?” to “Would you survive the apocalypse?”

Oliver Masucci – Moses (Tribes of Europa) vs. Ulrich (Dark)
Not only did both Dark and Tribes of Europa use the same production company, but they also used the same supporting actor! Oliver Masucci talks in this video about the similarities and difference between the two roles of Moses and Ulrich.

Tribes of Europa Interview with Oliver Masucci, Henriette Confurius, David Rashed & Melika Foroutan
Another great interview video with the cast, this time in German with English subtitles. This interview dives deeper into the backstory of the show verses the cast members’ roles.

Tribes of Europa Review and Discussion
Makeshift and The Swede discuss the premise of the show and their thoughts on if it’s actually something for teens as it seems to be portrayed. Spoiler: It’s not!

Tribes of Europa (2021) Netflix Original Series Review
Another review from veteran movie reviewer “Movies and Munchies,” this one goes through the storyline and atmosphere of the show, touching on what he feels is the disjointedness of each separate story arc.

Tribes of Europa Season 1 Ending Explained | Will there be a Season 2?
I would save this one for when you’re finished with all six episodes, but the question of Season Two is a no-brainer considering how this season ended. Bring on Season Two!

Tribes of Europa makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
Because there are two sides to every coin, I wanted to throw in this video to show that not everyone enjoyed the series. In fact, The Burgerkrieg even calls it “the worst type of media to exist.” Ouch!

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