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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of September 8-14

YouTube Round-up

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This Post Apocalyptic City Builder Let’s You Build ATOP a Kaiju | The Wandering Village
The Wandering Village is all over YouTube this week as its launch day on Steam is today. It looks to be a fun little game about building a settlement on the back of a giant creature. You apparently need to not only maintain your city, but also take care of the creature itself.

“In the near future civilization has collapsed, and Seamus is on a desperate run,” this short film’s description reads. “Dangers loom everywhere. By accident, he comes across a subterranean shelter and decides to entrench himself there. He is however not alone. Konrad and his wife Mila, who is in a coma, also hide in there. But things are not the way they appear to be. Gradually it turns out that life in the underground shelter may be even more dangerous than that on the surface…”

Mankind’s Ignorance- Post Apocalypse Short Film
This short film has many of the tropes you’d expect from a low budget YouTube film about the apocalypse (walking along train tracks, gas mask, camo, etc) but it’s worth a watch.
24/7 Void Radio: Survive These Post-Apocalypse Stories
This stream started back on September 7 and has been running post-apocalyptic stories 24/7 ever since. If you like audiobooks or podcasts, this is a good one for you.

Book of Purpose | Experimental Post-Apocalyptic Short Film
Our third short film on this week’s list, Book of Purpose, is another one about a lone traveler on a mission, but this one is really set apart by its impressive drone cinematics.

4 Apocalyptic Creepypastas | Sci-FI Thriller | SHORT HORROR STORIES
Four creepy short stories in this video include “Judgement Day Has Come Upon Us,” “The Last Days of Earth,” “512 Days Have Passed Since The Nuclear Fallout,” and “After 800 Years, We Finally Visited Earth.” The narration on these is really well done with multiple voices and sound effects.

Toolman Tim is a Canadian Prepper (not to be confused with THE Canadian Prepper) who hosts a video podcast and post-apocalyptic book club each week. This week’s discussion revolves around Book 4 of the Going Home Series titled Escaping Home by Chris Weatherman, aka A. American.

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