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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of October 6-12

YouTube Round-up

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Post-apocalyptic Brawl
This video caught my eye because it’s a) vintage post-apocalyptic media, and b) gloriously bad. I’m not even sure what movie this is from, but it’s supposed to take place in THE FAR FUTURE TIME OF 2019. I’m kinda bummed 2019 didn’t actually look like that.

Floodlands | Ep. 1 | Global Post-Apocalyptic Survival Colony Builder in a Endless Ocean Wasteland
Last week, I highlighted Floodland from Splattercat, but this time it’s Raptor’s turn. The demo for this post-apocalyptic city builder is out on Steam now for anyone to check out.
Chaos Rises (EMP Collapse Book Two) – Full Audiobook, Unabridged // post-apocalyptic thriller
At one point I used to highlight tons of these audiobooks on YouTube, but an author once pointed out to me that most of them break copyright laws. Well not this one! Chaos Rises (Book 2) is written and narrated by the same person who owns this video: the author, Christine Kersey. So watching this will only help her out. Win/win!

AQUATICO Post Apocalyptic Underwater City Builder (Upcoming)
Yet another water-based post-apocalyptic city builder is on the horizon with Aquatico. This stream from Da Vinci Gaming is an almost-2-hour look at what makes the game great. Also available as a demo!

FOREVER SKIES Demo Out Now! Surviving And Building A Air Ship In A Post Apocalyptic World
And yet another post-apocalyptic city builder! Do you see a pattern here yet? Forever Skies has you building your perfect settlement, but in a floating airship. But if you squint, it looks like it’s underwater. The demo is out on this one, too, so check it out!

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