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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of Nov 25 – Dec 1

YouTube Round-up

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Evenfall: Chapter Two | Post-Apocalyptic Short Film Series
This is the second part of the short film Evenfall that tells the story of a woman who aims to protect her son from the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world. Be sure to head over to the Maple Films main channel to check out the first chapter and sub for future chapters.

Post Apocalyptic Survival | Deadly Flare | First look
GameEdged takes a closer look at Deadly Fire, which looks to be a combination of other survival games like 7 Days to Die and Stranded Deep. This video is worth a watch if you’re into those types of games and want to play more.

Steamwatchers Review – Area Control In A Post Apocalyptic Winter
BoardGameCo gives a detailed look at the post-apocalyptic area-control game Steamwatchers. Alex explains the main goal of the game (taking over territory) as well as alternate victory conditions.

The System Apocalypse: Life in the North (A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG)
I’m a big fan of audiobooks and I’m especially a big fan of full and free audiobooks on YouTube. This one is a unique story about a monster apocalypse that plays out like an RPG game, complete with spawning monsters, RPG rules, and even a character sheet. “This series contains elements of games like level ups, experience, enchanted materials, a sarcastic spirit, mecha, a beguiling dark elf, monsters, minotaurs, a fiery red head and a semi-realistic view on violence and its effects,” the book’s description reads. The book is written by Tao Wong and artfully narrated by Nick Podehl.

Post-Apocalyptic Airsoft Game 1.0
I miss playing airsoft. Maybe that’s why I jump at the chance to showcase these types of videos whenever they pop up. This one doesn’t have a lot of action, but it does have some pretty amazing destroyed environments that are better than most short films I’ve seen.


Post Apo Builder Teaser Trailer
I’ve had my eye on Post Apo Builder for a while and I’m happy to see this trailer for the game again. Sure, the trailer was originally revealed nine months ago, but this re-upload from this week reminds me (and you) of how great it looks. Think of it as Surviving the Aftermath on steroids.

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