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Mad Max: Furiosa Cast Member Steps Down, Replaced by Tom Burke

Yahya Abdul-Mateen

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As the next movie in the Mad Max line gears up for production, a slight change of cast has been announced. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, whose exact role on the prequel film is still unknown, will be replaced by Tom Burke, who has already enjoyed success with such films as The Crown and Only God Forgives.

According to Digital Spy, Abdul-Mateen II stepped down from the role due to scheduling conflicts. Interestingly enough, as this news breaks, Abdul-Mateen has also announced a new production company that is partnered with Netflix. It’s unknown if there’s a connection between the two events, but we can imagine the Aquaman and Watchmen star wishes to devote more of his time to this new production company.

The company, called House Eleven10, will be a place “where the legacy of the stories from Abdul-Mateen II’s youth will live on in creative form; a home for different narrative universes, illustrating both the magic and humanity within them including extraordinary stories about ordinary people. […] House Eleven10 seeks to showcase the talent of traditionally underrepresented or overlooked communities within the industry by including diverse filmmakers, writers, and staff throughout our projects.”

But don’t fret, Abdul-Mateen fans; we’ll see the actor soon enough as he will star as Morpheus in the upcoming Matrix Resurrections movie as well as a follow-up role as Black Manta in the next Aquaman movie expected in 2022.

As for Burke, his roles have mostly focused on British film and TV such as The Souvenir and Mank, where he played Orson Wells. He’s a well-established actor with over 22 years experience under his belt, so I’d say we’re still in good hands.

The rest of the Furiosa cast seems to be unchanged with Anya Taylor-Joy taking on the title role of Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth rumored to be Max himself, although that is not confirmed.

The plot will revolve around Furiosa, a character made famous by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, but in her younger days before she rebelled against Immortan Joe.

The movie’s potential release date was recently pushed from 2023 to May 24, 2024.

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