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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of December 3-9

Road Wars Round-up

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After having no short films in last week’s round-up, this week is not only full of shorts, but also a couple full-length movies.

No Place Like Home | Short Film (2020)
The most impressive part of this movie is that it was filmed entirely with a drone: the DJI Mavic Pro, if you’re curious. According to the filmmakers, they believe this is the longest movie ever made entirely from drone footage. But don’t think that this is all aerial shots and vast landscapes — it’s impressive to realize that all of the interior small-quarters shots are all on a drone, too.

Dust to the End – Post Apocalyptic Caravan RPG
If you follow this weekly round-up regularly, you know that I feature SplatterCatGaming quite a bit. But I can’t help it; the guy plays some of the most obscure post-apocalyptic games out there, and has great commentary to along with all of them. Dust to the End looks like a fun game that I will certainly be checking out, thanks to his channel.

Road Wars | Full Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Movie
Road Wars is a mid-budget post-apocalyptic movie that came out in 2015 and is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, so I debated about including it here in this round-up. But there’s no denying that it’s a good flick, and that’s really what this round-up is about. And if you attend Wasteland Weekend, you may recognize a few of the cars and cast members as regulars!

The Black Horse | A Post Apocalyptic Short Film (2020)
I tend to shy away from the “one man sets out to find himself in the wasteland” type short films because they’re EVERYWHERE on YouTube, but this one is done well and is 28 minutes long. So there’s that.

The Appeal of the Post-Apocalypse – A Video Essay
Why do we enjoy this genre so much? What is it that draws us to watch every episode of The Walking Dead or play The Last of Us, despite the constant sadness and continued disappointment? This video is a collection of clips narrated by the channel owner who get philosophical about our love of the end days.

Pandemia (2012) | Full Italian Movie with English Subtitles
Pandemia is a 2012 Italian film that focuses on the effects of a society-ending plague on the Italian countryside. Come for the gripping drama, stay for the breath-taking views of rural Italy.

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