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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of December 24-30

Weekly YouTube Round-up

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In this final full week of 2020, we gladly present our middle finger to one of the craziest years in recent history while looking optimistically forward to what 2021 can bring to the table. It was such a crazy year that we included a “Craziest Post-Apocalyptic News of 2020” category for this year’s awards article. While those news stories have been great for this site, we’re just ready for this to all be over and go to the theater again.

But in the mean time, allow us to sweeten the deal with a few of the best post-apocalyptic YouTube videos of the week in this here round-up.

The Stand – Meet The Citizens Of The Boulder Free Zone
Stephen King’s latest adaptation of his 1978 novel The Stand is enjoying positive feedback so far as we look forward to the third episode releasing later this week. In this video, we see more of those characters who have come together in episode 2 to meet up with Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg) in Boulder and how they all fit together.

DESERTERS — A Post Apocalyptic Horror Short Film
Five survivors set out to find a place only known as Haven, where safety is promised. But their trip might be cut short, thanks to the monster pursuing them along the way!

City of Zombies – FiveM | Post Apocalyptic World | Teaser of Zombie Server
FiveM has created a brand new post-apocalyptic zombie mod server for GTA V that allows you to roleplay in a world infested by zombies. FiveM is most well-known for their police-based GTA V RP servers, so their reputation for quality is already there. I’m excited to see what they do with this one.

BLACKOUT – Short Movie
More of a dystopian sci-fi film, Blackout is the work of Russian film master Kirill Kemnits that is visually comparable to The Fifth Element. This is an extremely well-made film, showcasing Kemnits’ talent.

Immanuel | (Short Film) 2011
Breathable air is in short supply and one man struggles to provide for his family through it all. This short 20-minute film originally came out in 2011, but it holds up well during this time of masks and avoiding contact with others.

Cosmoball | Official Trailer | 2021
From the official description: “In the aftermath of a galactic war, which took place in proximity to Earth, the Moon was destroyed, and the poles of the planet disappeared, and now the climate of Moscow and its population resembles the anti-Utopian cyberpunk Brazil: representatives of different races and subcultures, weirdos, exotic animals, engineering miracles coexist on sun-drenched streets.”
Holy crap does this movie look great. Look for it to release on January 9, 2021.

Age of Water – Post Apocalyptic Pirate MMO
Age of Water looks to be a massively multi-player version of Waterworld mixed with Fortnite. If that sounds like something up your alley, keep your eye on this game that was just announced this week and is currently accepting Alpha players for testing.

    Shawn has been infatuated with the post-apocalyptic genre since he wore out his horribly American-dubbed VHS of the original Mad Max as a child. Shawn is the former Editor-in-Chief at, creator of the Aftermath post-apocalyptic immersion event, and author of "AI For All," a guide to navigating this strange new world of artificial intelligence.
    He currently resides on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere with his wife and four children.

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