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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of August 26 – September 1

Youtube Round-up

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Quality Scrapyard Finds! Repair-A-Thon!
The real-world scavenging of the Post Apocalyptic Inventor channel is one of my favorite things on YouTube, period. In this week’s video, he build a drills press and bench cut-off tool while explaining a whole bunch of electrical schematics that are beyond me. Seriously, this channel is worth its weight in gold.

LEGO Sunken City Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Battle
Mason Ricks shows off his LEGO Sunken City display at BrickFair Virginia 2021 along with his extensive lore behind the piece.

EMP Catastrophe Book 1 – Chapter 1 by Grace Hamilton
This audiobook is only the first chapter of the first book in Grace Hamilton’s EMP series, but it’s a good teaser for those looking to purchase Erupting Trouble, or the entire EMP Catastrophe series.

Podcast Episode 44: Post-Apocalypse Horror
Doctor Creepen reads four post-apocalyptic horror tales on this 44th episode of his podcast. The show isn’t always focused on the post-apocalyptic, but it’s always great when it is.

Symbiosis: Synergy – Part 3 of the Post Apocalyptic Short Film Trilogy
This third and final short film in the Symbiosis trilogy shows more of the struggles faced by the story’s heroes during the end of the world. While it’s certainly low budget, the whole trilogy is well-done and worth a look.

Y: THE LAST MAN Series | Season 1 Teaser “New World’ (HD) FX
This is the latest teaser trailer for Hulu’s Y: The Last Man coming September 13. Sure, there are clips in here from previous trailers, but it’s good to see a few new scenes as well.


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