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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of August 25-31

Project Zomboid

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NOBODY LEFT BEHIND (2022) Post-Apocalyptic Short Film
Nobody Left Behind is a great indie short film about two friends who survive the apocalypse only to drift apart after facing the trauma of this new life.

The Last Haven – Post Apocalyptic Colony Survival Strategy
SplatterCat takes a look at the recent updates to The Last Haven in this gameplay video and explains what he does and doesn’t like about this post-apocalyptic colony builder.

Software Developers: Your Chance of Survival in a Post-apocalyptic World
I thought this was an interesting concept: would a software developer survive in a post-apocalyptic world? Karoly Nyisztor makes the case for software developers on his channel that is usually filled with instructional coding lessons, but I think he brings up some very valid points concerning skillsets that may be obsolete when the SHTF.

A Reaction to (Mad Max 2) The Road Warrior (1981)
I loves me a good reaction video and this one is certainly entertaining. The host calls this a 30-35-year revisit of The Road Warrior since he saw it back when it came out, but he has some great reactions to the best parts of the movie. It’s like watching the film with your friend who just won’t stop talking throughout the whole thing. But in a good way!

Project Zomboid 2022 – In A Nutshell
As a huge fan of Project Zomboid, I was tickled to watch this video that shows what the game is all about to someone who hasn’t played it before. Examples include: dying from blood loss after not wearing shoes, beating a zombie to death with a trumpet, and driving a Corvette through a horde.

Banished like Games 24 City builders with survival & management gameplay for PC released & upcoming
This video shows what I think is a very accurate list of the best city builder games. Sure, this includes non-apocalyptic titles, but the majority of the list applies to our favorite genre.

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