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YouTube Round-up: The Best Bushcraft Videos of May 6-12

YouTube Round-up

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Survival is important. As fans of the post-apocalyptic genre, we thrive on that fantasy of surviving when and where no one else can. But if we don’t have the proper skills, we’ll end up zombie fodder in the first scene of our first episode.

So this week I wanted to showcase one of my favorite corners of YouTube: bushcraft survival videos. While there are waaaaay more videos to cull through on this topic than general “post-apocalyptic media,” I’ve included the ones from this week that I thought could hopefully teach us all something useful.

Living in a Dugout Alone – Bushcraft In The Woods | Meat in a Tandoor
I can always appreciate a soothing bushcraft video with no narration or dialogue. In this one, the host shows off his bushcraft set-up and makes a tandoor… all without saying a word!

Finding Water In a Survival Situation: Vines for Survival Good or Bad?
Water is our most important survival resource, and in this video, Coalcracker Bushcraft explores the possibility of using vines as a water (and material) supply.

Solo two days Bushcraft – DIY arrow gun, Use survival skills to shoot a big rabbit
This channel is great because it’s not only another no-voiceover gem, but it also shows the real-world application of bushcrafting in a survival situation. In this video, the host shows how to make hunting arrows, how to hunt a rabbit, and how to clean and dress that rabbit for a delicious-looking rabbit stew.

Bushcraft Build TIMELAPSE: Primitive Thatch Hut in 12 Days (start till finish)
This one shows off the entire process of building a small primitive hut in 6 minutes… with the help of timelapse, of course. Keep an eye out for the amazing thatching techniques he uses for the roof on this one.

Bushcraft overnight in rain storm, Without a sleeping bag and tent, shelter build
While many of these videos show off the advanced bushcrafting skills of each channels’ hosts, this one is more about practical simplicity. The host camps out in the woods without a tent, so he builds a simple lean-to for shelter from the rain.
Catch and Cook fishing with cheap Walmart equipment
I started following Clueless Bushcraft on TikTok but have been enjoying his longer videos on YouTube, too. He has such a positive way about making these videos that it’s refreshing and entertaining. In this one he uses a cheap Walmart fishing rod to catch a couple small Bluegill and fry them up.

Bushcraft trip – Plastic Bottle Trap Catch Shrimp And Cook – floating Shelter
In the aftermath of an apocalypse, we can always count on having plenty of those horrible plastic water bottles at our disposal. In this video, the host turns a piece of trash into a trap to successfully catch some shrimp and cook them up on his floating shelter.

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