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Best Yelena Memes from Attack on Titan’s Newest Episode

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There’s one part from Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18 that’s going to stick with me for a long time: the look on Yelena’s face when she was watching Armin. Many other people are remembering it too, and they’ve already created a lot of memes about that funny scene. Not since the Bernie Attack on Titan memes or the Reiner Potato Memes have we had such great memes from this phenomenal series.

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Memes Honoring Yelena’s Crazed Expression

Near the middle of the episode, Armin was telling Mikasa, Jean and the others about how they would need to side with the Jaegerists for now (even if they were working with Zeke and it looked like Levi and Hange may have been hurt by them), because they needed to protect Eren and help him reach Zeke. When he turned around, he saw Yelena staring down at him with a crazed expression that made viewers yelp in fear. But then her expression changed to a smile and she told Armin to go ahead and protect them. In retrospect, it seemed she was trying to hold back tears at first. But in the moment, it was a crazy scary (and really comical) expression.

Of course, it’s now become a meme.

She’s definitely turned into a new meme template.

Here are some more of the best memes honoring Yelena’s crazed expression. We just can’t get enough of these!

She briefly became more popular than the episode itself!

This one is how I’m going to feel every week (courtesy of u/BlockyQuasar on Reddit.)


We can even have a new Drake meme template based on her expressions, courtesy of u/kcpru on Reddit.


This next one also rings true, courtesy of u/Sgtk325. I love the opening songs now.


This next one was shared on Reddit by u/Twindo.


This next one, by u/prathamesh37, rings so true. I’m so excited about new episodes, but so sad this is all ending.


u/Twindo also shared this one below on Reddit, and it’s far too accurate.


The Best Photo of All

In my opinion, this drawing by u/return_to_le_monke on Reddit wins “best meme of all.”


It truly doesn’t get any better than this.

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