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When Is ‘Between’ Returning?

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When is Between returning for Season 2 on Netflix? If you’re like us, then you really enjoyed watching Between on Netflix (which, technically, was a combo effort between Netflix and City TV, despite Netflix billing it as a “Netflix Original.”) Season 1 was only six episodes long and left us with a lot of unanswered questions. People still find some of our old stories about The Between by googling things like “Who is Wiley’s Baby Daddy?” and “Why did everyone die on The Between?” Although we might not have the answers to all your questions, we do have a few.

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Read on for more details on when Between is coming back, who will be in it, and sneak peek photos!

Yes, Between Is Returning for a Second Season

First, Between is returning. It was renewed for a second season and it’s definitely coming back. So don’t worry yourself that Between was cancelled, because it’s not. You’re safe. 🙂 You’ll get to see Jennette McCurdy and Jesse Carere (of the now defunct Finding Carter) back on the screen.

In fact, even better news is that they are already filming Season 2 after what feels like a really long hiatus. How do we know? Because Jennette McCurdy posted photos on her Instagram in mid-January:

One big change is that you’ll notice Adam’s hair is gone!

Steve Grayhm, who’s joining Between, posted a similar photo:

Grayhm hinted that this season is going to have some crazy, unpredictable twists and great storylines. According to Deadline, Grayhm and Mercedes Morris are joining the cast. Grayhm plays a mysterious visitor, Liam Cullen, who claims he has the answer to the epidemic. Morris, meanwhile, plays a leader of an off-the-grid cult outside Pretty Lake.

Here are some more sneak photos from Season 2:

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The New Episodes of Between Season 2 Are Premiering Soon

According to Between‘s official Facebook page, the new season is coming out later this year. They haven’t given a specific date, but are saying it’s going to be really exciting.

One website predicts that Between will likely return to Netflix around May or June 2016, with episodes arriving one week after they air on City TV. This would be in line with what happened last year.

What Is Between About?

In case you’re behind the times a bit, Between is about a small town hit by a mysterious virus that kills everyone older than 21. The town’s quarantined off from the world because of fears that the virus could spread. The virus threatens apocalyptic death to the world, and the town itself is experiencing its own little post-apocalyptic reality. Better than Jeremiah, which faced a similar premise, this show will likely not go off the rails like Under the Dome did, when it featured a contained town and then went totally crazy after Season 2.  

We’re pretty excited about this show coming back. In fact, here’s a screenshot of part of the script for Between 201:

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