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‘Wreckland Run’ Car Battle Board Game Coming to Kickstarter in February

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If you’re looking for a new post-apocalyptic board game to play solo, look no further than Wreckland Run. The tower-defense-style vehicular combat game comes from Warp’s Edge designer Scott Almes and developer T.C. Petty III at Renegade Game Studios.

As I showcased in this week’s YouTube Round-up, we get a good look at Wreckland Run in a review from Man vs. Meeple who seem to really enjoy what they’ve seen so far. “Think of it like this,” co-host David says in the video. “Think of it kind of like a tower defense game where the tower is careening down a wasteland highway chased by all sorts of crazy people and vehicles.”

Wreckland Run isn’t available for retail purchase just yet as it’s headed for Kickstarter on February 8th where you’ll be able to pledge your support. And if you’re a fan of Scott Almes’ previous work, you’ll be happy to hear that they’ve already announced Warp’s Edge’s next expansion will be included with Wreckland Run as an added bonus.

Although Warp’s Edge is more of a space game than anything else, it is another entry in the same Solo Hero Series for which Wreckland Run will be included.

Warp’s Edge’s description states: “Pilot one of four starfighters, which each have their own unique weapon loadouts. You’ll be facing off against one of five alien motherships and its accompanying fleet. Every matchup offers a different challenge, pushing you toward new strategies and tactics. You have a limited number of warps to succeed, so choose wisely as you improve your arsenal and learn new skills!”


If you’d like to be one of the first to get in on Wreckland Run’s Kickstarter campaign, head over to the game’s project page to sign up for notifications. As of the time of this writing, the project already has almost 2400 followers, so this should be a big one!

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