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What Song Was the Janitor Singing on Snowpiercer? Is Sam Otto a Singer?

Oz sang Winter Song on Snowpiercer (TNT)

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On the first part of the Season 2 finale of Snowpiercer, Sam Otto (who portrays the janitor Oz), played a beautiful song that helped close out the episode. Is Otto a singer? And what song did he sing? Read on for all the details.

This article will have spoilers for the first half of the Snowpiercer Season 2 finale.

The Song Was ‘Winter Song,’ Originally Released in 2008

At one point during a special dinner with Wilford, LJ’s boyfriend, the janitor John “Oz” Osweiller, steps away and sits down in front of the piano. He plays a hauntingly beautiful song that matches the themes of Snowpiercer quite well. The song begins “This is my winter song” and continues with lines like “December never felt so wrong, because you’re not where you belong.”

The song he was singing is called “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, produced by John Alagia. It’s found on the album The Hotel Cafe Presents: Winter Songs.

The lyrics include lines like:

This is my winter song to you
The storm is coming soon
It rolls in from the sea
My voice: a beacon in the night
My words will be your light
To carry you to me

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love

They say that things just cannot grow
Beneath the winter snow
Or so I have been told
They say we’re buried far
Just like a distant star
I simply cannot hold

This is my winter song
December never felt so wrong
‘Cause you’re not where you belong
Inside my arms

Here’s an original version of the song:

The song isn’t new. It was first released in 2008 as part of a holiday compilation album from Epic Records, and was a hit in Canada for a brief period of time. It reached No. 2 when it was released in Ireland in 2011. So if it sounded vaguely familiar to you, that might be why.

As for Sam Otto, who plays Oz on Snowpiercer, he’s an incredibly talented singer but IMDb doesn’t list him as having any professional experience or background. He trained at the Drama Centre London.

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