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Is The Walking Dead: Dead City Airing Early on AMC+?

TWD: Dead City

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Here we go! The Walking Dead fans didn’t have to wait TOO long to get a new look at The Walking Dead’s universe. The Walking Dead: Dead City is premiering on June 18th and we are already waiting on the edge of our seats to see what Negan and Maggie have in store for us with this new season. The other thing you may be wondering about is if the show will be airing earlier on the network. So, is The Walking Dead: Dead City airing early on AMC+ like previous years? Let’s take a look.

When Is TWD: Dead City Airing on AMC+?

It usually a thing for AMC’s Twitter account to hook us up with a super simple schedule for AMC Plus. In the past, we’ve seen a full schedule with the times and dates for both AMC and AMC+ when it came to TWD. Usually, the episodes would air a full week earlier. But this year? It’s a tiny bit different. 

The official AMC Twitter account shows the new series as premiering on both AMC and AMC+ on June 18th.

Formerly called Isle of the Dead, the new series is also advertised on other websites as airing three days in advance, so on Thursdays, on AMC+, and then Sunday on AMC. It’s nearly impossible to have the proper answer and see where others have gotten the three days in advance info. AMC+ advertises Dead City as airing on both AMC and AMC+ at the same time, and TV Guide is the same. 

The best way to figure everything out and make sure that you don’t miss the premiere, is to hang on dearly to AMC+ on Thursday night, but officially, AMC+ will show the premiere on June 18th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. The season will consist of 6 episodes airing every Sunday at the same time. 

TWD: Dead City
AMC+ TWD: Dead City

What is Dead City about?

Fresh walkers, badass baddies, and the Big Apple! Maggie (Lauren Cohan) teams up with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to save her son who got snatched. They’re hitting the rough NYC streets together, trying to make it through “DeadCity”. The trailer shows new walkers who seem to be faster, stronger and… mutated? Very interesting, and we can’t wait to see what this new spin-off has in store for us.

IMDB indicates that the show has a total of 6 episodes, with the first one titled “Old Acquaintances.”

Check out TWD: Dead City’s Trailer

The trailer displays a fresh new way of directing the show, with new camera perspectives, new action shots, and, of course, a TON of walkers. It is the Big Apple after all. We can only imagine how many walkers are going to be spewing out of subways, buildings, parks… It’s going to be action-packed, that’s for certain. Make sure to grab your favorite snacks and make yourself comfortable this Sunday!

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