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Who Died on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7? Which Titans Are Left?

Who died on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7?

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 took out a lot of characters. Here’s what we know so far about who lived and who died in this episode, and which Titans are still alive to fight another battle.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 7, along with some theories about deaths that might be minor spoilers if the theories are correct. The article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

The Beast Titan Appears Dead

Armin’s appearance as Colossal compelled the Jaw Titan to break rank and rush into battle after Eren. This move left an opening for Levi to attack Zeke (aka the Beast Titan) while they were all distracted by Colossal’s destruction being reaped onto the fleet.

This was all it took for Levi to take out Zeke. Is Zeke dead? I’m going to bet on yes. The Beast Titan fell and we saw steam coming out of his nape. Levi didn’t appear to stick around very long, and I doubt he’d leave Zeke to rematerialize as the Beast Titan a few minutes later. Since we didn’t see the Beast Titan again, and we saw blood gushing out of his nape, I’m going to guess that Zeke is dead. But there’s always a chance that Levi took him prisoner so that one of the other members of the crew can eat Zeke and take his powers. It would be a shame to lose that advantage, but it would also be hard to accomplish in the middle of an intense battle. So we’ll have to wait and see which theory is correct.

Many people on Reddit believe that Zeke is still alive and there’s a lot more going on with that scene than meets the eye. Some even think that Zeke was deep under cover on Paradis’ side, perhaps due to Reiner’s intel after coming back.

That would be a big switch for Zeke, however. Hopefully next week will reveal more on that front.

Pieck Is Dying

Attack on Titan

Pieck is dying, but she’s not dead quite yet. Gabi and Falco talked about how Pieck doesn’t heal as quickly as the other Titans because it’s not part of the Cart Titan’s power. So it’s possible that she will not be able to heal from the damage she had in the battle. Or if she does, it’s going to be a very slow process.

Porco the Jaw Titan’s Fate Is Unclear

Attack on Titan

Meanwhile, Porco the Jaw Titan’s fate is unclear. Eren was about to eat him too when Reiner materialized as the Armor Titan, stopping him. But Reiner seems like he wants to die more than anything else, so it’s unclear if Reiner’s appearance will save Porco or not. I can see our Paradis fighters wanting someone to take over the Jaw Titan’s power so they can use it to break through Annie’s crystallized shell. However, Ymir didn’t have that particular power when she was the Jaw Titan, so it’s not clear how they can acquire it, or if it’s more of a skill that has to be learned.

The Warhammer Titan Is Dead

Attack on Titan

The one death we know for certain is Willie Tybur’s sister, the Warhammer Titan. She’s dead — eaten by Eren after Eren used the Jaw Titan’s jaw to break through her crystallized shell. Eren then ate her, so she is now assuredly dead.

The Entire Navy & a Bunch of Civilians Are Dead

Attack on Titan

I don’t have names for all these, but Marley’s entire Navy fleet is pretty much dead due to Armin’s appearance as Colossal. A bunch of civilians are dead too, and I think that really affected Armin when he saw them.

That post above from Reddit pretty much sums it up.

Gabi and Falco are still very much alive. Udo and Zofia died last week. 🙁

Here’s Where the Titans Stand

After this battle, it’s possible that the powers will shift substantially to Paradis rather than Marley, leaving Marley open to attack to the other countries that have been holding back because of Marley’s titans. Here are all nine Titans and where they stand at the end of Season 4 Episode 7. In a previous episode, we learned that if one of the Nine Titans dies without being eaten by another Titan, then that Titan’s power is reborn into a random baby Eldian, which won’t be much help for Marley’s battles coming up.

  • Jaw Titan: He’s in Eren’s hand as the episode ends, with Eren getting ready to eat him. He’s been torn from limb to limb. But Reiner’s appearance may distract Eren enough to give Porco a chance to escape and return to the Marleyans.
  • Cart Titan: Pieck’s dying, but she’s with Falco and Gabi. It’s possible that if she can’t be healed, she might be eaten before she dies, but only if the battle ends soon enough for this.
  • Beast Titan: He appears dead. Levi took him out at the nape. So either Zeke died and his power is lost for the time being, or we’ll learn that Levi took him to bring him back to Paradis or to give his powers to Paradis. It’s unclear at this time.
  • Warhammer Titan: Willy’s sister was eaten by Eren. This power now belongs with Paradis.
  • Annie the Female Titan: She’s still in a crystallized shell at Paradis, the last we heard.
  • Founding Titan: This power is with Eren still.
  • Attack Titan: Still alive and well in Eren, of course.
  • Colossal Titan: This Titan is now with Armin and Paradis.
  • Armor Titan: Reiner is alive and well, but it’s unclear if he has any desire to continue fighting.

So this leaves FIVE Titans now clearly with Paradis (although one’s power hasn’t been accessed by Paradis, last we heard.) The other Titans’ fates are unclear. There is not a single Titan solidly with Marley at this moment. Pieck might die. Beast might be dead. Jaw might escape or might be eaten by Eren. And what Reiner will do next is unclear. Things aren’t looking great for Marley at the end of the episode.

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