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Did Levi & Zeke Live or Die on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7?

Did Levi and Zeke live or die on Attack on Titan?

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There were a lot of deaths on Season 4 Episode 7 of Attack on Titan. But fans are most concerned about Zeke and about Levi. Did Levi live or die? Did Zeke live or die? Here’s what we know about their fates.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 7, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

Zeke (Beast Titan) Appears Dead

Armin’s appearance as the Colossal Titan was much briefer than I had anticipated, but also far more epic. With one transformation, he took out their entire fleet of Marleyan ships. And his action allowed Levi the opportunity to sneak in and take out the Beast Titan.

Attack on Titan

And that was so fast, if you blinked you missed it. One second the Beast Titan (their war chief) was fine. The next second, Levi had killed him in a flurry of movement too fast to detect. Blood spurted out of the Beast Titan’s neck and he fell with a resounding thud.

The only question is whether Zeke is dead. We know from previous episodes that Zeke resided in the nape and not another location like the Warhammer Titan did. So unless Zeke had Reiner’s ability to spread out his consciousness, it’s very likely that he’s dead. However, there’s another possibility. Levi might have been able to retrieve Zeke from the Beast Titan’s body to deliver him back to Paradis.

On Reddit, the assessment is that Zeke (the Beast Titan) isn’t dead. In fact, some think that he was in on the Paradis attack and switched to their side, but was in a deep cover.

This is an intriguing theory. But why would Zeke have turned from Marley? What happened to change his mind? Was it Reiner’s experience relayed to him? It’s an intriguing theory, that’s for sure.

Some fans think Zeke is dead, others think he switched and is working for Paradis. Click To Tweet

But then, during the battle, there was the moment where Zeke told Levi, “You are running out of time.” This was a callout to the backup military forces for Marley that were arriving any minute. That sure doesn’t sound like Zeke was on Levi and Eren’s side. But you never know.

Levi Is Still Alive

Attack on Titan

Levi held back on his powers to some degree, waiting for the moment that Armin transformed into Colossal to make his attack on Zeke. When the Jaw Titan broke rank and Zeke was distracted, Levi moved in for the kill.

Attack on Titan

The last time we saw Levi, he was standing victorious atop the Beast Titan, and then he set off a grenade.

Some people saw the grenade moment and thought that Levi died in the blast. But the more likely scenario is that he escaped in the blast and perhaps needed the cover for a secret reason.

There’s no reason to believe that Levi dead or even came close to death. He was victorious in taking out Zeke, and stood with a look of power and anger on the Beast’s nape as citizens of Liberio looked on him in shock. Levi will be fighting another battle.

It’s Zeke’s fate that is less clear.

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