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Whistleblower Journalist Warns: UFO Technology ‘Could Destroy the Planet’

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After journalist Ross Coulthart’s interview with UAP whistleblower David Grusch was aired on NewsNation, Coulthart shared some additional thoughts with viewers. Among them was a brief statement about how some of the technology involved with the captured UFOs could actually put the planet at risk. 

Here’s exactly what was said. 

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Coulthart Said the UFO Technology Is Dangerous Screenshot from NewsNation report

The statement came while Coulthart was talking to NewsNation about the need for transparency in the U.S. government. He and many others believe the government should be more open about its UAP technology, if what Grusch said is true. Grusch is claiming that the government has been hiding a program involving capturing and attempting to reverse engineer alien spacecraft from everyone, including the AARO task force put together to investigate UAPs. 

Coulthart acknowledged that while transparency is needed, he understands why certain aspects of the UAP technology would need to stay secret. You can see a clip of that moment in the TikTok video below.

Coulthart said, “I’m told that the technology that is represented by these devices is a dreadful weapon. It could do terrible things. It could destroy the planet.” 

He didn’t elaborate on what he meant, but it’s clear that not everything from Coulthart’s discussions with Grusch have yet been made public. 

Here’s What Grusch Has Said So Far

Grusch made a lot of fascinating claims during his NewsNation interview, and during his original interview with The Debrief. We’ll be reporting more on his claims in future articles.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major ones. First, here are Grusch’s claims about the program itself and the secrecy around it. 

  • The U.S. has been recovering fragments and intact vehicles for decades (as have its allies and defense contractors.)
  • His sources are high-level intelligence officials, many directly involved with the UAP retrieval program.
  • His sources are concerned about illegal suppression of information to avoid Congressional oversight, illegal contracting, and the like.
  • AARO hasn’t been able to access this information because they have Title 10 authority, while the retrieval program is operating under Title 50 authority. 
  • He provided Congress with “hours of recorded classified information” starting in 2022, but Congress has not been given “physical materials” from the wreckage. Eight people in Congress have been read fully into all that he knows. 
  • The Intelligence Community Inspector General found his claims “credible and urgent” in July 2022. 
  • There are more videos that could be released that have not been made public yet. He’s not sure why, but it bothers Grusch. 

Now here’s what Grusch has said about the spacecraft and aliens themselves:

  • The objects originate from a non-human intelligence (NHI.) He’s taken a lot of care to not label them extraterrestrial because he’s not certain what they are. Grusch himself is theorizing they might be extradimensional (such as existing here on Earth but in another dimension), but he’s not certain. 
  • We have bodies of alien pilots.
  • The craft are made from a strange mix of elements that could not be created by humans. 
  • The very first spacecraft recovery was from Italy about 90 years ago, taken from Mussolini. The Vatican has known about this program since then.
  • He’s not cleared to talk about Roswell, but hinted it was an alien craft retrieval. 
  • He confirmed the stories of UFOs shutting down nuclear tech. He said that Article 3 of a nuclear arms agreement with Russia is used to keep communication open between the two countries about UFO sightings near nuclear sites.
  • One UFO was the size of a football stadium. 
  • He talked a bit with NewsNation about the NHIs not all being friendly, and humans possibly being killed in some interactions. But he also indicated that we have tried to shoot them down, so it’s unclear if they were just acting in self defense. 
  • The information he shared with The Debrief (and NewsNation) was cleared by the DoD’s Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review.
  • He described this as a “Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material” between “near-peer adversaries.” 
  • He’s provided names, dates, programs, and locations. 

Follow us for more details. We’ll be releasing more stories from the NewsNation interview today and in the days to come. 

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