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Where Was See Season 3 Filmed?

See season 3 filming location

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See has returned for its third and final season on August 26. Although it will be sad to say goodbye to this wonderful show, fans are absolutely thrilled about these last few rounds of episodes. One thing that watchers enjoy, aside from the amazing battle scenes and fantastic acting, is the locations set in this post-apocalyptic world. This makes you wonder; where was See season 3 filmed? We’ve got some pretty cool shots for you!

Where Was ‘See Season 3 Filmed?



IMDB Pro cites that seasons 1 and 2 of See were filmed in different locations in British Columbia, Canada, as well as Toronto. Ontario, also in Canada. Wikipedia also confirms those claims. 

The Atlas of Wonders put together some really good side-by-side comparisons of the first season’s filming locations, and you can definitely tell where some CGI has been used just by comparing. However, while watching the show, you would not be able to tell at all.

Season 3 seems to be no stranger to Ontario either, as parts of the movie were filmed in several places in the province, according to KFTV. As per the website, seasons 2 and 3 moved quickly to Ontario locations only because of Jason Momoa’s very busy schedule and delays caused by COVID shut-downs throughout filming. 

Supervising location manager John Rakish, explained in an interview how difficult it was to tread COVID’s paths as the series continued filming and locations hectically changed. He said they had to adapt and film in more of the style of a feature film. 

“The script was being rewritten on the fly, schedules were redrawn, and we had to deal with protocols with foreign workers coming into Canada having to quarantine for 10 days,” he told KFTV.

Speaking about locations, he continued “We were based out of the Cinespace Studios in Toronto (now owned by TPG Real Estate Partners), but we built a giant town set about 2.5 hours outside of Toronto in a city called St. Thomas on the site of a former psychiatric hospital. But the distance and putting people up in hotels meant the costs were skyrocketing. So, we decided to bring the entire set (including village huts, shops and roads), piece by piece, on tractor trailers to a conservation area called Clairville closer to the city, using reclaimed uarries or derelict buildings that were on larger pieces of property.”

Because Jason Momoa was also very busy at the time from having shot a Netflix movie called Slumberland and having to move onto Aqua Man 2, the team had to schedule filming around a very short and busy period of time, including partially shooting some scenes, walking away, and coming back to them later.

He continued to say that they were lucky that Jason’s stunt man had stay behind and was able to shoot anything they might have missed fight-wise since there are a ton of action sequences in Season 3.

Editing must have been a nightmare to coordinate!  

And speaking of fighting scenes, a lot of them were filmed on locations 45 minutes outside Toronto, including a car graveyard. The location was perfect as it literally looks like nature has taken over and covered the cars naturally, without the team having to do much of the extra work to make it look post-apocalyptic. Rakich told KFTV that it was difficult to film because the set was not designed by them and they had to deal with mud and narrow pathways while filming.

The Pearson Airport hangar also served as backdrop, where they built a blue screen to display the interior of a well-known space in New York City. 

All in all, Rakich says that they were lucky to be able to film in Ontario. “It was a positive two-year job. We were lucky we got all that time together with more than 90% retention of crew for Season 2 and Season 3.”

While we were told that See would end with Season 3, the KFTV story ends with Rakich talking about Season 4. “They wrote the ending of season 3 to be open, so it could happen, and the story could potentially continue with the characters, but we will have to see.” Haha, pun intended? Maybe!

On Instagram, he posted about the season finale for season 2 and shared how excited he was about this new season that’s airing now.

What is See Season 3 About?

“See” takes place in a harsh and barbaric future, hundreds of years after people on Earth have lost the capacity to see. In Season 3, it has been about a year after Baba Voss (Momoa) vanquished his archenemy brother Edo and left his family behind to live a secluded life in the wilderness after he had said goodbye to them. However, when a Trivantian scientist creates a new and destructive kind of sighted weapon that threatens the survival of humanity, Baba goes to Paya in order to defend his people once again.

Among the cast, you can find 

  • Jason Momoa as Baba Voss
  • Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Sibeth Kane
  • Hera Hilmar as Maghra Kane
  • Christian Camargo as Tamacti Jun

To see the full list, head on over to IMDB

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