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Where is The Last Of Us Episode 5 on HBO TV?

The Last of Us No Pun Intended

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Thanks to the Super Bowl this year, The Last of Us is airing today on HBO Max. If you’re looking at HBO’s TV schedule however, you might have a little bit of trouble finding details about the show. Here is when you can watch The Last of Us Episode 5 on HBO TV. 

The Last Of Us Episode 5 on HBO TV Will Air Sunday

The Last of Us Episode 5, titled ‘Endure and Survive’ will air today at 9PM EST on HBO Max. This is due to the Super Bowl airing this coming Sunday. To prevent the event going over the show, the network decided to air the episode earlier instead. However, The Last of Us will still air on HBO TV at its regular time, 9PM ET on Sunday. So unless you have HBO Max, you will have to wait until Sunday to watch the next episode. 

This is definitely one of these moments where the debate between getting an HBO Max subscription or not gets tough, isn’t it? I for one can confess that I did give in for the entire series… and I don’t regret a single moment of it!

What to expect in The Last of Us Episode 5 

Contains spoilers of Episode 4 and 5

Tina wrote a review of episode 4 which you can read right here. Last time, we found Joel and Ellie in the middle of  a shoot-out that led to them trying to escape and hide. She writes “Joel and Ellie break into a large skyscraper and climb forty-five flights of stairs, hoping to see a route out of the city in the morning. […] Unfortunately, later in the night, Ellie wakes Joel up; there’s a gun pointed to her head. Holding another on Joel is a child, likely named Sam.”

The Last of Us Episode 5
Image: HBO

We will be learning about the two new characters in the show, whom gamers out there already know about. If the show stays faithful to the game as it has been so far, we should expect to see those characters develop along our heroes, so a lot of fans out there are very excited to see how the story will be played out. 

We also saw a preview of what’s to come in the video below, and those who have played the games already know what the huge monstrosity is all about in the trailer. Those gigantic infected are called Bloaters. They throw balls that explode into clouds of spores to infect and hurt people. This should be an action-packed episode, albeit probably scary, too. These monsters are pretty scary in-game, and we can’t wait to witness what they will look like in the show.

But before you watch the trailer, check out this side-by-side, game vs show video. How incredible and fascinating! We should expect more moments that seem taken straight out of the game itself, just like this one. 

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