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Hollow Home – Narrative RPG About The War In Ukraine to Release in 2025

Hollow home

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Twigames Studio has introduced Hollow Home, a narrative RPG designed for both PC and console platforms. A new video, screenshots, and Steam page are now available to the public. Get your tissue box ready, and brace yourself for a roller coaster of emotion. This one’s going to hit much closer to home than most games out there…

Hollow Home – What is it About?

The game revolves around the historical context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and follows the journey of a young protagonist confined within a besieged city. In a backdrop of evolving tragedies, players will have the opportunity to acquire vital survival proficiencies, confront challenging decisions, and witness the gradual devastation of their cherished childhood abode.

The game is drawing inspiration from the real-life Russian assault on Mariupol during the spring of 2022. Players take on the role of Maksym, a 14-year-old teenager. The game commences on the eve of Russia’s comprehensive invasion, capturing the final fleeting 24 hours of the protagonist’s untroubled youth. As dawn breaks the following day and the echoes of plummeting bombs and imminent artillery fill the air, Maksym is thrust into a new harsh reality, where survival becomes paramount amidst the city’s devastation wrought by the Russian forces.

Hollow Home In-development screenshot
In-development screenshot

Hollow Home’s gameplay is centered on dialogues and intricate questlines that narrate the tale of a city gradually succumbing to the onslaught of invading forces. Combat is absent, and explicit violence remains off-screen, with the game concentrating on the reverberations of war rather than explicit graphic depictions. The gameplay experience encompasses city exploration, fostering relationships with diverse characters, and extending assistance to them. Yet, the passage of time becomes an imminent challenge. With the start of each new day, more demanding choices stand before you, underscoring the escalating gravity of the situation.

Hollow Home Features

A city ravaged by war, divided into three distinct districts open for exploration. However, the urban landscape evolves over time, witnessing entire sections ravaged by artillery strikes or rendered inaccessible following enemy occupation. One day may bring you into contact with survivors, only to find vacant echoes the next – a testament to the transient nature of wartime existence.

The significance of your decisions cannot be understated. The game’s quests revolve around both your survival and aiding others in their struggle to endure. Yet, your capacity for action each day is finite, compelling you to grapple with wrenching choices. In a city besieged by invasion, there are no straightforward answers.

Mastering survival skills becomes paramount. Through interactions with characters and the completion of quests, you can acquire proficiencies spanning cooking, crafting, medical expertise, and more. These capabilities stand as a testament to your adaptability and resourcefulness in the midst of adversity.

Hollow Home Skills UI
Hollow Home Skills UI

The teaser trailer title “The Last Day of Childhood” is out. Watch it below. The video preview presents gameplay that is currently in the development stage, establishing the final serene day experienced by the game’s ensemble of characters. This tranquility is abruptly disrupted by the sound of an air raid alarm, marking the moment when their lives undergo an irreversible transformation.

Hollow Home is set to release on PC and console in 2025. You can wishlist it on Steam. You can visit the game’s main page here.

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