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The Walking Dead: What Happened to Luke & Virgil?

Luke and Virgil (AMC)

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With The Walking Dead finishing Season 11 Part 2 and starting Part 3, there are a few characters that fans are wondering about. Among them are Luke and Virgil. What happened to each of them? We explore that answer in the article below, which will have very minor spoilers from Season 11 Episode 16-18. (If you’ve already watched Season 11 Episode 16, check out our review here!) 

Where’s Luke?

luke twd

Luke has been conspicuously absent from the show for quite some time (including through S11E18). In fact, we haven’t seen him once during Season 11.

Dan Fogler said in a Walking Dead panel that the last time we saw Luke, he was “chilling with Jules,” Express reported. He said that he thinks Luke is “over at Oceanside, just living it up on the beach there, having a good time… Probably teaching a music lesson.”

Alert fans will know that Luke also isn’t seen in a recent Oceanside cameo either. 

On Reddit, one person (u/CastleCat16) mentioned that Oceanside trades with another port city, so their head canon is that all the missing characters are simply hanging out at this unnamed location somewhere. 

I like this theory and I think I’ll adopt it for myself. 

Where’s Yumiko? [She’s Still Around]

[This part was written in the original version of this story when Yumiko was missing, but now she’s back. We’re leaving this part in the story for the sake of continuity.]

As for Yumiko, we know that she’s alive and well at the Commonwealth, and we’ve seen her in some scenes during Season 11 Part 2. However, she hasn’t played as active of a role this season as we might expect a lawyer at the Commonwealth to do. Considering where the storyline is heading, however, I’m going to guess that we’re going to see a lot more of Yumiko in Season 4 Part 3. 

Eleanor Matsuura told Insider that when showrunner Angela Kang called her in the fall of 2020, she thought it was because she was going to kill off Yumiko. The call was to tell her that the show was ending, which was completely unexpected news. 

“And I was like, ‘Oh, well, so kind of dead,'” Matsuura said. Her character took over part of Michonne’s storyline in the comics after Michonne left the series. 

Matsuura recently shared the happy news that she’s pregnant. 


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Some fans think maybe the pregnancy is why she wasn’t on the show as much, but she hasn’t confirmed this. She’s reappeared more already in Season 11 Part 3.

Where’s Virgil? 

Virgil’s absence is perhaps just as confusing as Luke’s, maybe even more so. The last time we saw him was in the episode “For Blood.” He was injured seriously in the episode “On the Inside,” after fighting a strange feral person.

Then in “For Blood,” there’s a major storm that blows down part of the wall at Alexandria. Virgil wants to help, but Rosita tells him to stay in the house with her and help guard it. In another scene, we see Virgil telling Judith that Michonne would be proud of her. Walkers are swarming the house, and Virgil tries to protect Judith and Gracie.

This was a pretty intense episode (you can read our full review here), but we never hear about Virgil again.  

In our review, writer Shawn mentioned that it doesn’t seem like Virgil is going to live much longer, so it seems like he’s doing a good deed for Judith in his last moments. 

It’s a little odd, though, how his story is dropped after this. Kevin Carroll, the actor who plays Virgil, hasn’t cleared up the mystery. According to IMDb, he’s working on two projects: “Let the Right One In” (in post-production) and “Till” (also in post-production.) 

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