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Where Is Westworld Season 4 Episode 9

Westworld Season season 4 episode 9

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Westworld last aired on August 14 with Episode 8, titled Que Será, Será. This fourth season has fans on the edge of their seats, and with good reason. Since it’s been a week since the last episode aired, some may be wondering where Westworld Season 4 Episode 9 is. Read below to find out!

Where Is Westworld Season 4 Episode 9?

Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 (HBO)
Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 (HBO)

There is a good reason why people may be scratching their heads, not finding episode number nine of Westworld’s fourth season, and that’s because episode 8 was actually the finale. Sadly, that means we’re on a really long break before the next Westworld episode. But read on in this article for details about when the show might be coming back. 

People took to Twitter to share their emotional states when that very episode ended. Some of them were highly confused.


Some even caught on to the “gamer saying” William said in this one scene. 

A camper is a gamer who locates a strategic location inside a level and waits there for other players.

Will There Be a Fifth Season?

While we won’t be seeing the ninth episode, and since there is no confirmation of a fifth season coming anytime soon, we have a few clues that reveal Westworld fans won’t have to wait very long to see their favorite characters on screen again. You can read our article here for all those details. 

Westworld Season season 4 episode 9
The evolution of Dolores. Credit: @WestworldGifs on Twitter

But in summary, while the show hasn’t been officially renewed, Ed Harris dropped some tantalizing hints in an interview that we will likely be seeing a fifth season. And he also gave us a pretty good idea of when the fifth season is going to start filming. Check it out here

Deadline also reported that co-creator Lisa Joy has said she’s not done with the show yet either. 

“Jonah (Nolan) and I have always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We have not quite reached it yet,” she told Deadline. 

If you live near any of the usual Westworld filming locations, you might even be lucky and know way ahead of time! 

What to Do While We Wait for Season 5

In the meantime, you can browse through all of our articles and see if you missed a clue for season 5 in one of our detailed reviews, or even learn about Fidelity, if you missed this interpretation as well. 

In the article, Stephanie writes: “The story of James Delos in Season 2 was the first time we were introduced to the concept of fidelity testing. At the time, it was a human attempt to move a human’s consciousness into a pearl (and thus into a host.) Caleb’s process is likely similar, only done at the behest of a host rather than a human.”

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