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Alone: Frozen Episode 2 Recap and Review

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Episode 2 of Alone: Frozen takes place over days 50-44. Five contestants remain at the start of the episode.

This episode follows three contestants only: Woniya, Greg, and Michelle. 


Woniya was a competitor on Season 6 of Alone, surviving for 73 days. At that time, she didn’t have anyone to miss, but now she has a new partner, which she worries will make her homesick.

She starts her segment with some good luck: she finds a water bottle on the shoreline, which means she’ll have portable water. As she spends more time scavenging, she has to set up her temporary shelter in the dark, but that does allow her to watch the Aurora Borealis. 

For her permanent shelter, Woniya begins by using a rock formation to create a set-up with two permanent walls, which she hopes will help with wind and snow. Unfortunately, the dampness brings out tendonitis in her hand, and she’s very cold as well. We leave her at the end of the episode considering already leaving. 


Way back in Season 3, Greg made waves when he fell into the water in Patagonia and had to leave on day 51. 

Greg sets up his temporary shelter in a copse of trees, though he appears quite nervous due to the presence of bear scat and prints. Greg finds a lot of mussels to eat, but rather than gather a bunch of them, he uses them as bait for a fishing line. In truth, this entire plan begins a comedy of errors. The kelp keeps blocking his handline casts, and he spends a long time searching for the pot he left on the shore that the tide almost took when it came in.

Later on, he tries to make a trap for seagulls that the tide also washes away. His sleeping bag gets wet, and he ends up using the camera equipment tarp to upgrade his shelter. Given that isn’t part of his ten items, does this disqualify him from winning? We’ll have to see if he even makes it to the finish line, as he is very stressed out to a level comparable to when he was in Patagonia. 


Michelle was a participant in Season 8, and she survived 21 days. Her struggle last time was with getting food, so she claims she “has nothing but unfinished business” when it comes to Alone

She is lucky this season to be placed in a spot with an abundance of clams, which she gathers. Like Greg, she is nervous about the potential for polar bears, as when she begins building her permanent shelter, she gets freaked out by an odd noise (it turns out to be the water). Unfortunately for Michelle, after eating a lot of mussels the night before, on day six she begins to feel nauseous and sick.


It seems no one in this episode is having a great time!



Now that we’ve seen all the contestants, I still think Callie and Amós will be the two who stay the entire fifty days. I think Greg will be the next to go home.  

The next episode airs on August 25 on History Channel and StackTV. 

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