Wasteland Weekend 2019 Schedule: Here’s a Look at What’s Happening

Wasteland Weekend 2019 Schedule

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Wasteland Weekend 2019 is here. It started Wednesday, September 25 and will last through Sunday, September 29. This annual festival is just outside Edwards, California in the Mojave Desert. It’s a full-immersion post-apocalyptic event. In other words, this is the closest you’ll get to living in the post-apocalypse without a zombie outbreak or nuclear war actually happening. This year Wasteland Weekend is celebrating its 10th year, so that’s pretty exciting. Here’s what’s happening over the next few days. For more details, check out their website here.

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The Entertainment Schedule

First, see full directions for getting to Wasteland Weekend here. It’s south of Rosewood Blvd. and east of California City Blvd., west of Claymine Road, according to

If you ever wanted to know what people do to stay entertained during the event, now you can. Here’s a look at the schedule for this year’s event. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it gives you a taste of what you’re missing out on by not being there. It’s subject to change, but the entertainment schedule includes the following:

Friday schedule for 9/27/19: 

9:30 am -12:30 pm Archery range open on the East end Fury Rd.

1 pm Post-apocalyptic Tattoo judging at the Command Center

2 pm – 4 pm Car Show (judging and awards) at the Field behind Main Stage

Here’s a map of the Car Show, courtesy of Wasteland Weekend:

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Smashbotz robot battle at the Battle Cage

4:30 pm Jugger match on the Main Stage

6:00 pm Memorial to the fallen on the Twin Hills

6:40 pm Nuclear Bombshells on the Main Stage

7:00 pm Formal Friday begins throughout the City

7:00 pm LIVE BAND – Cage9 on the Main Stage

8:00 pm LIVE BAND- AHTCK on the Main Stage

9:00 pm LIVE BAND- V2A on the Main Stage

10:00 pm LIVE BAND- Jason Charles Miller on the Main Stage

10:45 pm Wretched Embers (fire performance) on the Main Stage

11 pm LIVE BAND-Dead Animal Assembly Plant on the Main Stage

Midnight Aesthetic Meat Front (AMF) on the Main Stage

Saturday schedule for 9/28/19: 

10 am -11 am Archery range open at East end Fury Rd.

11 am – Noon Archery Contest at East end Fury Rd.

11:00 am Saturday Gate Opening Ceremony at the City Gates

12:00 pm Swimsuit Contest at Deez Stage

1:00 pm Salvaged Designs – Post-apocalyptic doll-making workshop at the Command Center

3:00 pm Costume Contest on the Main Stage

3:30-5:30 pm Car Cruise (location to be announced). You can see a full map of the Car Cruise here.

4:30p m Jugger match on the Main Stage

6:00 pm Group Photo (all attendees) at the City Gates

6:30 pm Lighting the Wasteland Gates at the City Gates

7:00 pm Hell’s Sirens on the Main Stage

7:30 pm Badlands Savages on the Main Stage

8:00 pm LIVE BAND – Element a440 on the Main Stage

8:45 pm Boom Boom Baretta (fire performance) on the Main Stage

9:00 pm LIVE BAND – Marley Munroe on the Main Stage

9:45 pm Ladee Danger on the Main Stage

10:00 pm LIVE BAND – Hocico on the Main Stage

11:00 pm LIVE BAND – 3TEETH on the Main Stage

Midnight: 10th Year Commemoration on the Main Stage

Sunday schedule for 9/29/19: 

11 am Sunday sermon on the glory of the Atom with Brother Justify at the Wasteland gates

Noon Event ends 🙁

You can see a map of all the events here.

Bounty Hunting

The fundamentals this year will be the same. Everyone goes to the Rust Devils camp, they get a bounty-hunting poster and puts one up, and then they search the wastelands for their target. When you find your target, challenge them to a round of rock-paper-scissors. However, you and your target can also come up with your own challenge that you both consent to in order to find a winner and loser if you don’t like rock-paper-scissors. They’re also giving Photoshop tools to everyone to create their own most-wanted posters. Make three copies, bring them, and post them on the bounty hunting board as much as you want. That means no more registration, pre-registration, or waiting in line. Each person should bring their own prize for whoever hunts them, or you can use their official “fingers” as prizes. The Bounty Office won’t have office hours and the Rust Devils will be hunting too this time. If the gates are open, they’re open.

Wasteland Film Festival

For the second time, there’s a Wasteland Film Festival again this year. You can read the full schedule in the embedded post below.

Wasteland Film Festival 2019 by Stephanie Dube Dwilson on Scribd

Posts About the 10th Anniversary

Here are some tweets sharing what’s happened so far during Wasteland Weekend.

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