South China Zombie Research Centre Is Working with John McAfee & Claiming Zombies Exist

South China Zombie Research Centre

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Something weird is going on in the Twitter-verse, and no one is sure if it’s a game, a LARP, or what… John McAfee, who’s running for President of the United States, has been hired by a company called the South China Zombie Research Centre to create a CZ Zombie crypto coin. The South China Zombie Research Centre has a twitter account that’s only been around since August. They claim zombies are real and they’re doing research on them. No one really believes this, but they’re also not sure what the account’s angle is. Some people think the whole thing is building up to a crypto game, but it’s all kind of confusing and unclear right now. So here’s what we know so far.

John McAfee's working with South China Zombie Research Centre, which claims it has real zombies. Is it all part of a game or a LARP? Share on X

If you go to South China Zombie Research Centre’s Twitter account, you’ll get a warning from Twitter. It reads: “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted. You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it?”


If you click “Yes, view profile” then you’ll be able to see their tweets just like normal.

And their tweets are interesting. We’ve taken screenshots of them in case the account is ever taken down. Their most recent tweet reads: “Many do not take us serious. You joke about “use Heroin to calm them down” and other jokes. But this deadly setious matter, whether you joke or not. Here is truth: only Cathinone family of research chemicals has any effect in zombies. We need to study why.”

In case you’re wondering, Cathinone is a family of drugs that’s a “cousin” of amphetamines. It’s illegal in the United States.

This next tweet is one of the tweets that made many people think SCZRC is going to be a game of some sort, maybe a cryptocurrency game. They wrote: “Our zombie retraining program includes classes in cryptocurrency – including practice trading under real market conditions. Zombies see Crypto as the answer to economic cooperation with humans. Our CZ coin will be a true example of real world applications.”

On August 26 they tweeted: “An issue we have not yet addressed with the public are the mechanisms that provoke the Feeding Frenzy Response. During these times zombies appear to lose all connection to their rational thinking abilities. We are developing drugs that will block this reaction.”

Yes, they said they are developing drugs that will block zombies from losing their rational thinking skills and engage in feeding frenzies. This has got to be a game or a LARP.

They also tweeted: “You are worry about our containment measures. No possibility for zombie to escape. Our security 100% effective.” Yeah, those are always famous last words, aren’t they?


And they freely admit that their current images are photoshopped.

But I guess McAfee has created a banner for their website?

On August 24 they tweeted: “…our images appear Photoshopped. Of course they are! Our facility is secret and our research threatens entire civilizations. We can show nothing real. Our facility, however, matches the Photoshopped image in size and security. It conveys the spirit of truth.”

McAfee confirmed that they have hired him to create their CZ cryptocurrency coin. They tweeted: “We have retained @officialmcafee as our chief advisor for the creation of our CZ coin. He has expressed doubts about our medical and research claims but insists he will be honest and fair with us and also with potential holders of the coins. We could not ask for more. Ty sir.”

Oh, and they’re looking for volunteers to test “a radical approach to the Zombie danger.” Might want to jump on that right away. 😉

On August 14, they tweeted: “First incidence of Zombie Syndrome occurred in Thimphu in 1966. The first Zombie move was based on this event. Two 9 year old children went from school and partly ate their parents. Zombie Syndrome comes with unnatural strength. Night Of Living Dead was an exaggeration of this.”

So that tweet above might give us a clue about SCZRC and what its real aim is. The closest reference we can find is a 1966 movie called The Plague of the Zombies. It’s about a scientist and his daughter who are asked to travel to a Cornish village after mysterious deaths start happening. But the only real similarity between the movie and the tweet is the year and the use of zombies. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. It’s not a Cornish village. So what else could they be referring to? A hydroelectric plant started operating in Thimphu in 1966, but that seems like a stretch. Now this feels more like a dead end and just something they randomly made up, maybe for a game.

They also tweeted that zombie syndrome is caused by prions, not a virus. They quoted Mah Shang for this “fact.”

Mah Shang, they later tweeted, is their “proud director and very good English. We are 5 on staff. Some English not so good. I study many years but not so good.”

So who is Mah Shang? An Internet search doesn’t pull up much, so that’s another dead end.

Then they tweeted this: “We are not false. Here our facility. Safe. Secure. Guard. We legitimate science. We see how hard to believe but we have much importance to reveal. Please be patience with us. You will see will understand. We thank you.” (And later said their images are photoshopped for security, but they reflect the “spirit” of the truth.)

On August 14 their first tweet read: “Now time to begin report on internal research and monitor of Southeast Asia incidents. These that have verified by qualified specialist. Not so be alarmed. Real world attacks not spread geometrically as show in movies. But We will explain. A new age coming.”

Oh, and they said that McAfee is coming for a visit. He’s on the run living on the sea in a boat, so it’s unclear how that will happen.


John McAfee, who is now helping South China Zombie Research Centre, is running for President of the United States. He’s also living on a boat and says he’s on the run from U.S. authorities for not paying his taxes. He founded McAfee Associates, an antivirus company that’s quite well known, in 1987 and resigned in 1994. He’s got quite a convoluted past that we won’t get into here. Now he’s running for President and also heavily involved in the cryptocurrency market. In February 2018 he was a headline speaker at the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas, but the time of his speech wasn’t publicly released until a few minutes before his talk because he was concerned about his safety.

He’s had a few things to say about his involvement with SCZRC. On August 24 he wrote: “Yes, the research center believes zombies exist and they’re teaching them to use crypto currencies. Even with a one chance in a million of being true, I just couldn’t pass it up. I smell adventure.”

And he later wrote: “What I believe about @china_zombie doesn’t matter. They are my client. I was hired to write a White Paper in a truthful fashion. That’s what I intend to do – with the full capacity of my intellect, my talents and my time that I promised to dedicate to this delicate venture.”

And he wrote: “To those hating me for my cooperation with @china_zombie: They are my client. My job is to write a truthful white paper, which I will do. Until I have done so, you have no basis for judging the value to @china_zombie or to the world at large of my work in this matter. Relax.”

And he wrote this, which is kind of funny: “I believe the South China Zombie Research Center has a high likelihood of being totally fraudulent. But – they are paying me, and in the one chance in a million that they are not a fraud, I did ask them to post to the public about measures they use to keep zombies in. Here it is.”

And then it gets really funny. He wrote: “People asking: ‘Why does the zombie company need their own crypto?’ Because — the coin is to be used by both Zombies and people. If a zombie attacks you, you can negotiate a transaction whereby you give the zombie a bunch of coins and it eats your neighbor instead of you.”

And they’re offering medallions for people who purchase $50 or more worth of CZ zombie crypto coins.

So my guess is going to be that this all involves some kind of crypto-based game about zombies that will involve purchasing zombie crypto coins. Or it could just be a unique way of selling new crypto coins

What do you think about the whole thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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