Walker Stalker Con London Leaves Some Fans Angry & Disappointed

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A sad thing happened on the way to the Walker Stalker Con in London this weekend. Quite a few fans were left angry and disappointed by the lack of planning, overcrowding, cancelations, and even the food. 🙁 It’s really sad when a convention ends up disappointing fans. Instead of having a fun, relaxing weekend, things went wrong for some. The convention in London was March 30-31, 2019, and fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment. Here’s a look at what happened.

Controversial last-minute cancelations and cold pizza left some fans disappointed after #WalkerStalkerConLondon. Check out what happened. Share on X

On March 27, one fan voiced a concern that would end up being prescient. Mrs Anna Dixon (named after Daryl from The Walking Dead) wrote: “Starting to wonder if the actors cancelling @WalkrStalkrCon know something we don’t. I appreciate that things can’t be helped at times but just seem odd how many have cancelled this year.”

Responses showed that others were worried too:

And this fan wrote on March 27:

It’s important to share that not everyone was disappointed. Some fans had a lot of fun.

And some fans still got to see actors they were excited about.

Even the original author of the worried tweet shared happy photos later on Twitter. But despite this, there were still quite a few fans who were saddened about the event.

First, there’s the problem of refunds being rejected and emails not getting replies, according to this fan:

Others said the event felt unorganized.

Pep wrote: “…The event is one of the most unorganized events I’ve ever been to. The floor is empty with at least 10 stalls selling the same stuff. The prices for photos etc. is ridiculous. Wouldn’t recommend.”

Others felt like things were really overpriced, such as autographs and selfies having separate charges.

One of the concerns was Walker Stalker announcing that Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn’t attend. They said he hoped he could come for a few hours but just couldn’t. One fan said she heard that he had said he wouldn’t be able to come months earlier, but Walker Stalker Con announced just a few days beforehand.  Fans were very disappointed that they wouldn’t get any type of refund, even for Platinum and Gold members.

Others said that JDM had even tweeted in February that he wasn’t likely going to be able to go:

And it looks like it’s been confirmed according to this tweet. The reasons the con didn’t announce earlier aren’t known:

Here’s another screenshot of the February tweet:

Someone else responded:

Narrator: It didn’t.

Shaun Sadler wrote that he was very disappointed with the results of the Platinum Experience that he purchased. He wrote, “This is the supposed platinum experience at #walkerstalkerlondon. Menu of cold pizza, a can of coke if you beg for it, dirty tables & the celebs you were meant to dine with partitioned off out of site. All for the princely price of £1,300 each. Bargain.”

However, some fans concluded that even though the convention is poorly organized, they still had fun:

Were you there? We’d love to hear what your experience was like. Let us know in the comments below.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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