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Is there a UFO Cowboys Season 2?

UFO Cowboys

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UFO Cowboys recently dropped on Roku and while the general consensus is made of mixed reviews, the show is still bringing a small fanbase to the service. Some were highly entertained and are even wondering if there will be a UFO Cowboys Season 2. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Will there be a UFO Cowboys Season 2?

We embarked on an extraterrestrial journey like no other with UFO Cowboys. From the very first episode, this reality sci-fi extravaganza captured our imaginations and took us to the outer limits of the universe. The show’s unique blend of mystery and old-west grit left certain craving for more. But if you thought that you could rely on a second season to entertain you or answer more questions, it looks like there won’t be a second season for UFO Cowboys.

Despite the passionate support from the small but loyal fanbase, the network has not spoken about any type of development for a second season. So for now, we bid farewell to the intrepid cowboys who searched for truth. Though the journey has come to an end, the spirit of UFO Cowboys will continue to inspire us to explore the unknown and embrace the mysterious wonders that lie beyond our world.

What is UFO Cowboys About?

UFO Cowboys orbits around the enigmatic exploits of the Cowboy Sky Watchers, an intrepid team of ranchers whose mission is to investigate extraterrestrial encounters and paranormal phenomena throughout the vast expanse of the American West, famously known as the UFO Superhighway. This legendary region has earned its reputation due to an overwhelming number of UFO sightings and unexplained disturbances, surpassing all other locations in the United States for supernatural and extraterrestrial experiences. Blending ancient tracking methods with cutting-edge technology, these cowboys fearlessly plunge into the heart of mysterious events unfolding in this otherworldly realm.

UFO Cowboys
UFO Cowboys

Though categorized as ‘Reality’ on Roku, it becomes evident that the show incorporates staged scenes, so it’s essential not to set overly high expectations. With an ‘Audience Rating’ of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics are firmly divided in their judgment. Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, “UFO Cowboys” promises a thrilling ride through the unknown, keeping us captivated with every twist and turn.

The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes range from “Easily one of the best shows in 2023! Had me on the edge of my saddle the whole season! I felt such a strong bond with the cast, and frankly, very concerned they were going to be adducted!” to some more unforgiving ones like “I’m actually disappointed with myself. It took me about five minutes to call b.s. This is the worst so called ufo 🛸 show I’ve ever seen. A total waste of time. Please skip this. I guess the only redeeming part of this waste of time is that the actors are more likeable than the morons on skinwalker ranch!”

Perhaps watch this show with a grain of salt, as it seems to have been created more for the sake of entertainment than it was for actual UFO hunts.

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