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Is the Walking Dead Finale Airing Early on AMC+?

TWD Finale

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This is the end. We are now on the last loop of the race. After eleven seasons, The Walking Dead will finally be coming to an end. It’s hard to believe that this is actually happening, but we can’t express how grateful we are that there will be other spin-offs in the future. There are only two episodes left to watch in this entire show, but will AMC+ subscribers be able to watch the finale before everyone else? Let’s take a look at if people will be able to see The Walking Dead finale early on AMC+.

Will AMC+ Subscribers Have Access to The Walking Dead Finale Early?

In a tweet posted by Twitter user @julianexcalibur, Marketing Reporter at @digiday, they confirmed that the finale will not air a week before the cable premiere, but both will air at the same time.

As a personal guess, this is probably due to the fact that this is the end of the series, and spoilers should be avoided at all costs. Everyone should probably enjoy the finale of eleven years of TWD at the same time. 

The Finale Will be Broadcast on AMC and AMC Plus on November 20 

The finale for the series is airing on Sunday, November 20. So if you’ve been following along on AMC+ and watching episodes a week early, then you’ll have one week without any Walking Dead episodes. 

The show will end on AMC very shortly, but this is not the end of TWD’s universe. As per AMC’s website: “Coming in 2023, A new season of Fear the Walking Dead with the return of Madison Clark and all-new series TWD: Dead City, featuring Negan & Maggie in an apocalyptic journey of New York City. Plus, more in The Walking Dead Universe coming soon.”

In addition to this, we are aware that Rick and Michonne will be the main characters in their very own spin-off, and the anticipation among fans for this particular installment is high. Regarding that particular matter, although we do not yet have a lot of details, it appears to be going in the right direction.

TWD Finale
Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead’s Negan and Maggie will also star in their own spinoff, and it is anticipated that their show will be the first to premiere after the conclusion of the main series. 

Then, in addition to all of that, we have the Daryl spinoff, which is becoming a more interesting prospect. In point of fact, Norman Reedus revealed not too long ago that it will go “in the opposite direction” of The Walking Dead, which certainly makes it sound intriguing.

Our very own Shawn has written a review about The Walking Dead Season 11 episode 23 which you can read here. Do you agree with the review? Is there anything you think will be different in the finale? And what about his comments about the short teaser? It definitely makes you think about all of the possible outcome for this finale!

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